Smexy Pie Why

Smexy Pie Why
Lol she has different names that described her.X3 In my dream Tylerthehedgehog106 Me HelenTheCat (NOES) HollyTheCat13 Soniukkk Cutie:Dad come on.>_< Tyler: Ok bossy. Cutie:What?!? Tyler:Nonething Death:Chika baw wow Cutie:O_o WTF Death:Sexier than any body else. Cutie:... Holly:GET YOUR @$$ OF THE GAME! Sonic:Ok. :l Cutie:Ahh *sniffles the air* Tyler:Yup nothing like geting wet *splashes Cutie* Cutie:HEYYY!! D:< Tyler: XD yay Helen:Hey it's wonic the smedgemog Cutie:*smacks* Helen very hard* WHAT OLD LADY! Helen:OWWW Cutie Ncom:Cutie is inlove with Tyler is Tyler inlove with Cutie? Tyler:I-I *hugs her* love you. Cutie Ncom: *click* (in her head)"Must do for my self and my other self." *floats up* everypersoncom and neko come:*hears*"Cutie has found for one and just for me." Lilly:*tries to attack* Cutie Ncom:"Don't get in my way" Lilly: If I can't hack my way in i have to connect my way in! Cutie:*plugs come out ears* Notes * mean wat thay done : characters time Ncom means Nekocom
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