Coastal Sunset-1C, 400X400, Animated

Coastal Sunset-1C, 400X400, Animated
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Coastal Sunset-1C, 400X400, Animated Dedicated to my dear friend Gloria! The serenity & solitude of a pristeen sunset, bathed in the warmth of a rich yellow sun, heralded by nature's celestial splendors, enveloped within a singular moment suspended in time, captures the the sun slips quietly beneath the waves, water softly laps the shoreline, & pungent odors saturate our as it could it should be! Images adjusted using "PhotoFiltre 7" and "GIMP" software/freeware for color/hue/saturation, brightness/contrast, clarity/detail, and size. Final water/wave animation sequence enabled using "Squirlz" software/freeware. Saved as GIF (.gif) file animation sequence, 400X400 pixels.
cargado por: mtlonewolf

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