Sara Marie Brown [Drawn by me, sorry it's bad quality -~-]

Sara Marie Brown [Drawn by me, sorry it's bad quality -~-]
Sara's ID: Full Name: Sara Marie Brown // Age: 9 // Grade: 4th // Race: African-American // Looks: Black hair [Bangs block her left eye, but her left eye got injured when she was playing with her friends paintball so that eye can't see very well.], Green eyes, braided hair & into a ponytail, she has a dark green jacket not buttoned, a yellow-green shirt with a daisy on it, a black skirt, high mint-green socks, black furry boots. Siblings: 2 brothers [William & Jackson Brown] // Mother: Got mugged & tried to fight back, but got shot when Sara was only three :\ Father: Jordan Willams Brown (Works as a taxi driver) // Status: Sara: I don't really trust boys...but there's something about Token that I like... // Crush: Token Black Sara: I don't think he likes me D: We hang out together friends..pull pranks & skateboard together, play sports together....We went to eachothers houses..But..He told me the kind of girls he likes, I don't want to change, am I even his type?.. soo confuseing -_- Love is confuseing man! // Personality: Pompous, Sassy, Smart, Funny, Serious, Lazy, Layed-back, Tomboy, Sneaky, Trouble-maker And lil mean, & Jealous-type. // Friends: Everyone except for girly-girls, Bullies, & Kyle. [Not because he is Jewish or anything she just thinks he is a smartass xD] // Hometown: Houston TX // Current Hometown: South Park, Colorado Sara: I hate how its all snowy..bring on the heat baby! // Likes: The summer, Vivi, Token, her siblings, Video games, Sports, Going to girl juvy [Just to see some old friends.], Laughing, Being tough, Candy, Candy cigarettes, Junk food, Stealing stuff for fun, money, reading [It's a big hobby of hers, she also has big silly reading glasses. But if you make fun of her for having those she'll beat you up, but not enough for your bones to crack. Same goes with if you tell everyone she like-likes Token], Pranks, MadTV, Math, Getting good grades [She doesn't get many...She's good at Math, & reading though.], Buying things, Music, Getting Respect, Raping, Singing, Babysitting, Cooking for the family, being lazy, looking at the night sky, staying up late, Sports [Hockey is her favorite, shes the best out of her whole class.] // Dislikes: Dancing [She doesn't know how to dance, Token tried to teach her but she's not comfortable.] Long speeches, Being impatient sometimes, Girly girls, Haters, School, When people tell her what to do, Karma, Veggies, When her hair isn't in braids or a ponytail [Her hair is very wavy & fluffy], smelling bad, fish, hats, snow, winter & fall, her allergies, cats, dumb people, scaredy-cats, mushy gushy stuff. // Favorite colours: Green [any kind.], Dark Red, Purple, Hot pink, Black. // Her problems: Just a HUGE trouble-maker. And you best be respecting her >.<! // Theme Song: Hit Me With Your Best Shot [By: Patt Benatar] // Quote: ''Slow down you crazy child!'' // Voice: It's pretty loud, & has abit of an attitude. But when she gets nervous or shy she sounds so cute. // Job: She usually takes chores from kids who don't want to do them or earn money because they don't need it. Or she is a bodyguard for afew weakish people.
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