Wheatley x Chell <3 - ''I Still Love You Even Though You Tried To Kill Me.''

Wheatley x Chell <3 - ''I Still Love You Even Though You Tried To Kill Me.''
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Chell is the main protagonist and player character of the Portal series. Chell first appears in Portal, where she is taking part in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center's test under supervision by GLaDOS. GLaDOS tries to kill her, and Chell then tries to escape the Enrichment Center, attempting to kill GLaDOS in the process. However, Chell is dragged back into the laboratories at the end of the game. Chell reappears in Portal 2: Lab Rat, a prelude webcomic to Portal 2, where Doug Rattmann puts her in stasis. In Portal 2, Chell is reawakened by Wheatley and they attempt to escape. ----------------------------------------------- Wheatley is a fictional artificial antagonist in the 2011 video game Portal 2. He is portrayed by British comedian Stephen Merchant and created in part by Portal 2's designer Erik Wolpaw. To date, he only appears in Portal 2. He serves as a sidekick during the first half of the game, but becomes the main antagonist in the second half of the game. Since his appearance in Portal 2, he has received overwhelmingly positive reception from critics. Merchant has been praised for his portrayal by critics who cited his fast-talking dialogue and what a journalist for the Daily Mail calls his "West Country burr" (more specifically, his native Bristol accent). Editors for CNET wrote that if Merchant didn't win "every video game voice actor award... there is no justice in either this world or any virtual one". Wheatley has also been described as a contrast to GLaDOS' "slower-speaking and more deliberate" personality.
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