Kyvi ~ Babe i need you, girl you need me too<3~

Kyvi ~ Babe i need you, girl you need me too<3~
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*This was recolored by my sister AmuRimaKittu! thank youu =D* ~Vivi's POV~ Kyle was mad, i swear like, REALLY mad @ Cartman for kissing me. Cartman thought i wasn't his cousin, well, he is 5% right. Im not, but im his adopted cousin so i sorta am. Hes trying to ruin me & Kyle's relationship i know. Grr Dx< thats no fair! he should keep his fat nose out of our relationship!.. he just doesn't like the idea of me dating a Jewish boy..pff, sense when did religion matter in dating? oh well, poor Kyle, wasting his breath on something little like this.. I sat on the couch hearing him complain when i bursted out, ''It was just one little kiss! it was a mistake he made he didn't know what he was doing stop complaining!'' Then Kyle looked at me frowning. He said, ''It IS a big deal! now you have Cartman cooties! its just so.. ew! tell me, what did it taste like!?'' I sighed. He never was so overprotective like this, its almost funny, but i tried not to laugh. Plainly i said Cheesepoofs. Kyle then eww'd again & sighed sitting criss cross on the couch. ''I just don't know what to do Vi.. you never deserved this. Hes a retard fatass!'' I asked why is he so overprotective about this. He said because Cartman is his huge enemy & having your enemy kiss your girl is..well.. tough. I can agree, if Fran kissed Broflovski i'd be pissed. I wiped my lips. I said, ''I know what will make you feel better Broflovski, im sure the taste will go away if i..kiss you <=3'' Kyle disagreed. Then said ''I think i'll just go home & play video games, get this out of my head..'' Quickly i crawled to him on the couch & put my hand on his chest. ''I can't let you do that, not without.. a kiss goodbye..'' As i leaned for a kiss, Kyle was frozen. It was kinda funny, & surprising. To think he would run away blushing or something! He opened his mouth alittle & sighed. Under his breath i heard, ''You're right..'' Well, of course..hes acting so different. I kisses him gently with my eyes closed & hair on my shoulders. Well sense the problem with Cartman having to cut my hair short (Well, he added alot of wet chewed up gum to the bottom of my hair =_= for a f*ckin world record. And my hair had to be cut short, Peanut butter wouldn't work for me sadly. Gosh dammit retarded asshole Cartman is! but anyway, my hair grows back fast & my hair was just like Pip's sorta when i had to cut it.) Kyle was blushing pure red, & his face was getting red. (He does that sometimes, at times i would think hes mad at me >_<) I was lightly blushing & kissing back. I know he can't resist me! Vivi! <=) Fran: *Stalking them with Stan* Stan: I don't think we should do this.. Fran: Nonsense Stanley~ its perfectly ok! you know, soon this will be us kissing =3 Stan: O//o..Yeaah.. >//> I noticed Stan & Fran watching with a shock face frozen on me. Kyle barked to them, ''LEAVE!'' i decided to join in unison x)
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