Katie Death! (Yuuki & Kidd's future baby daughter!) :D

Katie Death! (Yuuki & Kidd's future baby daughter!) :D
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Awww shes so cuteeeee! >w< Let me tell u the info about her: Age: 5 (IN A HALF! as Katie always yells out whoever says her age xD) Full Name: Katie Shingami Thompson Death (o.o) Theme song: Break Your Heart By Taro FT. Luta / Kiss Kiss Hug Hug By Ke$ha Type of person: Quiet, tiny bit mean & rude, but if u knew her better shes pretty outgoing & gets excited easyly, also a trouble-maker & Clumsy, Kidd & Yuuki are busy fixing her problems xD, shes also a forgetter, not so smart xD Weapon/Powers: Same kinda powers as Kidd & Lil of Yuuki's, shes half Shinigami & half gun, her only powers she has now is changing her hands into little pistols, and teleporting. She can also steal or copy other peoples powers but Kidd forbits her to use it Who did she get her looks from!?: Isnt it obvious? xD mostly her dad Kidd, some from her mother Yuuki<3 Friends: ...She has no friends. the only friend she has is her stuffed bear she got on her first christmas named Zuul! & her pet rabbit named sparkles xD But yeah, no really human-like friends lol Status: Yuuki: EXCUSE ME, BUT MY DAUGHTER IS TOO YOUNG TO DATE! Kid: AGREED. DAMN BOYS TOUCH MY DAUGHTER I WILL KILL THEMMM! (XDDDDD ok, so u know shes single & can't date anyone till she is.. Kidd: 20 YEARS OLD. KIDD! T_T till she is 16. ok!? Kidd: ...hmph.) Likes: She loves to eat, she mostly loves sweets. She never gets fat like Yuuki most of the fat goes to her bottom & breasts, but not like, THAT FAT of a butt or boobs. but sense Katie is only 5 the fat usually stays in one place eww right? lol! she also likes acting, & Ninja go go go! (a TV show that is like TV-14, her parents let her watch it sense shes gonna forget it when she gets older anyway, lol werid eh?) she also likes to take pictures, & likes to go on adventures 8D which usually gets her in trouble XD, & Video Games, also tradeing cards! Hates: Spicy food, Chrona (cause he/she is go darn sad alot!), Maka (She hates how she always chops Soul & is always so angry xD), rules, Snakes, Make-up, Snow (You might be thinking what!? but yeah she hates it cause she said it feels like dirt and she hates dirt xD) her OCD, (Yeah she has OCD, its about Orginizeing stuff like if something is all out of order she goes all out to fix it!) Family: (I'll let Katie tell you her family :>) Katie: My mommy is Yuuki Thompson! and the best daddy in the WURLD! is Death The Kidd! My grandpa is Shinigami! (My daddy's dad!) & my two aunties are Patty Thompson & Liz Thompson!! :DD Story about her: She was born on December, 12th, 2019. She used to have both front teeth but she had to take one out sense she ate too much candy & got a big cavity. Soon the other tooth she fell & it came out. Which she wouldent stop crying about that sense she did't want grown-up teeth yet. She wants to become famous, trying to find anything she is special at. So yeah she never gives up! She wants to be a scientist aswell, but sense shes a forgetter its not coming out well. Shes pretty spoiled & kinda a brat. But shes so cute and can be so sweet. Like her father, you know how he rides a skateboard? well Katie rides a Scooter! and she has a big helmet to wear when she is gonna ride it. She usually falls off it though aw :(. She likes to play tennis 8D shes ok at it lol. She REALLY looks up to her father, usually her father tells her about when he was 18/17 and all his storys he partaked. Which she finds it amuseing! She usually likes to scare Crona & pis* off Maka xDDD :3 she can't really understand or follow Black*Star & Excalibur. Excalibur finds Yuuki & Katie both annoying and he thinks they are more annoying as him! (WRONG XD)
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