тнєяєѕα мαяιє gσя∂у :.мє.: (Anime Girl Form!)

тнєяєѕα мαяιє gσя∂у :.мє.: (Anime Girl Form!)
Yep! thats me! LOL!!! dont i look cute :3? the bands black and blue on my arm is for my hair, its also for P.E so my hair wont get in my face -.-'' that little white card is my lunch card (lost it THREE TIMES!) LOL! and my green butterfly backpack i have!~ (i take it to school) and theres my good luck charm on my left arm! lol! and at the bottom thats my motto! X3 my theme song is: First Dance (lovin' on you) by Nevershoutnever! (no spaces included) & this is A SPECIAL STAMP (specialer then my AkarixGill stamps lol) so you have to ASK to use this one! and please give me credit :3. detication to ALL my blingee fans and all that stuff love u all!<3<3
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