My Daddy Didn't Rape Me!!!!!

My Daddy Didn't Rape Me!!!!!
Blue Beam/Monarch Projects has the ability to watch someone, moniter their thought and alter a their dream's. After I walked away from The Galt House & Kool Smile's, I was eletronically harrassed and "virtually" raped. Back in 2008, I read a journal entry I wrote year's ago saying I loved my Daddy because he was one of the few men in my life who didn't hurt me and that he never turned into a monster/molester. Afterwards, I began having dreams of being molested by my father as a little girl. While I worked for Kool Smiles and at Kool Smile's and Norton's Hospital, I walked around feeling like I was being punched in the face. The women there made fun of what I added to my amazon accounts, etc and they had access to my yahoo email's. When I emailed a friend in Chicago telling them about what was going on, my email accounts and youtube account, all of my accounts were deleted. Both companies stole money from me and Kool Smiles changed my social number knowing I needed to file taxes right away. These people still have access to my accounts and all read my email's of saying "my demonic rapist won't leave me alone". I emailed The White House, WGCI and The Couriel Journal, People Magazine, Cosmo, Info War's, Alex Jone's etc. About a week ago, my grandmother was at a conference at The University of Louisville and these reporters from that newspaper and the govennor's wife were in her face like they knew nothing. I have tried to walk away from this situation so many times, and I was still assaulted almost everyday and even in public. Assaulted meaning I felt like someone was fingering me from front to back. When I was lying in bed, I felt like someone was choking me. The technology is so advanced that it can moniter your thoughts, what you write in your journal, and when you feel a head ache or like your being assaulted, you no longer feel like someone is literally touching you now. The voice's I heard all day and everyday were not voice's that made me feel like I was talking to God. I have documentation of thinking and writing in my journal and everything be thrown in my face online. My secondary employer now, even reacted to a lot of what I wrote in my journal by complaining about my job. the email's that I do have emailing cyber crime sites say "I feel like I am avoiding an alternate personality" and "the person who is stalking me is demonic". The police came to my doorstep but, didn't listen to my story and walked into my land lords office and talk to her longer. There are men in my building next door who were from in homeless shelter and have a pentacle on their door meaning occult with is also used in Blue Beam & Monarch Project. I believe they are getting paid to watch me and assualt me. Those projects involve occult magic. Tambry Cundiff, the manager at Kool Smiles on Broadway or Bardstown road, knew exactly what I was going through and she played mind games with me at Kool Smiles and even made comments about what I did in my home, this is also why I thought I was being stalked by fairy's. Her husband has a lot of money so, it wouldn't surprise me if she was his demonic whore. She was the meanest most evil woman I have ever meant and when I felt like I was in control (meaning when they made my work life hell, I documentated it, and held my head up knowing they were scum) she pretty much let me know I wasn't in control but, I didn't understand the depth of what I was going through. The people who are the head of Kool Smiles are in ATL and they altered my work. They women who worked in the Lexington & Indiana office made fun of me when they came into the office. I have been exploited in many states including my own home town Chicago. And because these people made fun of me, I know they knew about these projects. And when I went to school in March of 2009, I was gang stalked and made fun of. People in the class kept pulling out their cell phones and making fun of me for writing in my journal. And even what I did in my home. The people who altered my dreams and made me literally feel like my daddy molested me are sick and they want normal people to do the things they do to their children. When I went to class, I felt like the guys who joked about me were fucking me in my dreams and I had no control over it. I almost quit school but, I refused to because they already made me walk away from my job and I knew school was all I had left. When I wrote about being raped by my father and being a child again, I was made fun of in public and online. I got "I fucked you last night" online and "I fucked your mom, too". My 7 year old cousin does not sleep in my bed because I believe she was attacked. When I got upset, I was "zapped". Meaning my body became stiff, shook a little and my eyes uncontrollably rolled back in my head. For a moment, I thought I was possessed my demons. I found out about Blue Beam & Monarch a month ago.
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