Real Coroner Release: Homicide = Michael Jackson

Real Coroner Release: Homicide = Michael Jackson
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Michael was murdered. Im tired of everyone tip toeing around this. Its time to STAND UP and be able to say it. BOTH autopsies done, (two to be sure) could not make sense of the drugs that were given to him that night. IT was NOT Propofol that killed michael. PLEASE look up the autopsy reports and the phone records. Its all right there. FIND out for yourself. Dr conrad murray is already CHARGED with manslaughter and now JANET jackson and the whole jackson family is seeking justice for Michael. Someway. GIVE THEM COURAGE AND SUPPORT.... DONT FORGET. ---------------- Manner of death has been ruled: HOMICIDE for Michael Jackson. --------TRANSLATION -----SPANISH------- Estoy tratando de traducir. Michael murió porque fue asesinado por su médico. Murray Doctor Conrad es ir a los tribunales por homicidio y la familia Jackson acusarlo de asesinato de Homicidios. La autopsia demuestra Michael fue asesinado. Dos autopsias fueron hechas, pero ambos muestran que fue un homicidio! Im que la gente sepa, porque algunos piensan que Michael sólo tomó a muchos medicamentos para dormir. No es cierto. Me encanta Michael también! Dios los bendiga. Justicia para Michael! --------French--------- Je suis en train de traduire. Michael est mort parce qu'il a été tué par son médecin. Docteur Murray Conrad est aller au tribunal pour homicide involontaire et la famille Jackson sera le charge d'assassiner les homicides. L'autopsie révèle Michael a été tué. Deux autopsies ont été faites, mais ils montrent tous deux qu'il était Homicide! Im laisser les gens connaissent parce que certains pense que Michael a juste pris de nombreux médicaments pour dormir. Il n'est pas vrai. I love Michael aussi! Justice pour Michael! _________English______________ The police have now officially charged Dr. Conrad Murray with MANSLAUGHTER. The Jackson family lawyers seek to charge dr murray with Murder. Michaels (2) Autopsies now show the cause of death is HOMICIDE. Im not kidding. First the autopsy tests show his body was MOVED some time after he had already past away. Was this when Dr Murray "found MJ" in the lawyers bedroom? Where did Michael pass away?? -Also Murray said he was gone 7 minutes after injecting Michael with the final drug (seeing him fall asleep). However phone records indicate that murray was on the phone calling people for 45 MINUTES during that time. None of those people he talked to were asked for help. Murray then returned to Michael and says he began to perform C.P.R. (to bring Michael back) after he says he noticed Michael was not breathing. Dr. Murray specializes in Cardiology (heart) HOWEVER he performed CPR on Michael for 30 minutes on the BED. Anyone trained in simple CPR (including lifeguards) KNOW that the human body must be placed on a hard/flat surface. Dr. Murray did not at anytime place Michael on the floor.. Dr Murray has also went to go and get Michaels son (Michael 1st (Prince) to show him that he was trying to bring his father back with CPR. NO ONE STOPS CPR to find someone to show them what they are doing! CPR must always be Constant! -After about 25 of the 30 minutes of bad CPR performed, Dr. Murray finally called 911 and reported that he had "just" walked into the bedroom and saw M was not breathing/needed help. The operator told him to not stop CPR for any reason and that help was on its way. -Remember that the coroners have found evidence medically that Michaels body was moved AFTER he passed away. They dispute Dr Murrays time of death. The ambulance came but Michael was already gone at time of arrival. They did all that they could to bring him back --unsuccessfully. -The autopsies also found evidence of drug doses that did not make any sense. Michael was typically injected with medicine instead of taking pills, he trusted the doctors to give him the right medicine. Dr. Murray lived in the Jackson home preparing to stay with Michael through his upcoming Tour. Michael was treated by Murray and it seems he trusted Murray. However when injected with medicine and not taking it in pill form on your own you cannot be sure what is in the injection or how much. You are TRUSTING the doctor with your life. -The coroners autopsy was done 2 times to be absolutely sure that these medicines were correct amounts because they do not understand the doses or the mixtures of medicines. SO MUCH SO that they have no other choice but to remain certain that this was HOMICIDE. Michaels death certificate has been changed to show that as well. It now says type of death: Homicide. So who is Dr. Murray? Murray is a Medical Doctor whos father was also a medical doctor. He has much experience with the drug Michael was last injected with propolphol. But the coroners say the dose was not normal, it was "lethal". AND they also state that it was NOT that Final drug that was the cause of Michaels death. It is the mixture and mainly the doses of OTHER medications that were given to Michael before that.. -Dr. Murray stated that Michael was suffering from insomnia. Yes its true that Michael had nightmares/insomnia/pains that kept him from sleeping at night documented since 1990. Taking medicines to help him sleep has been normal for him for all those years. Also pains from Lupus and other physical ailments stopped sleep too. He had many doctors help him and yes some even gave him the Propolphol to put him into a Dreamless sleep (to avoid nightmares and waking up). The drug Proplphol is used in Hospitals only and NEVER given to insomniacs. It is the drug used to put patients under before Surgeries. But Murray gave it to him. For 3 days no other doctors would, even a close friend nurse refused. But Murray didnt. Michael had done it before, he had gotten the I.V. inserted and trusted being woken later by his medical doctor AND WOULD BE WOKEN. If the doctor does not monitor you THE ENTIRE time you are under surgical drugs (asleep) anyone can die if their lungs stop breathing. --Being out of the room for 45 minutes on the PHONE is definately putting Michael in GREAT danger. And phone records show that is how long Murray was on the phone. --So we still don't know when exactly Michael passed away. Dr. Murray keeps stating that he only left the room for 7 minutes. (Though even that is long enough to lose a patient.) His story does NOT hold up. Because the time of night/early morning that he left Michael "sleeping" coincides with Phone Records of Murray on the phone talking to (unreleased) people for 45 MINUTES. ------there is a lot of evidence here that he in fact did commit Manslaughter on purpose in a very DANGEROUS situation. - Even though Michael did NOT die from the "lethal" dose in the Propolphol injection i.v. he did die from reactions with Demerol and other drugs in a mix that has turned out to be the POISON APPLE. --There isn't a doubt that a sain Dr. Murray would know the reactions of such high and strange doses of other medicines and what the mixtures did. Giving Michael the last injection was only the last straw. No one quite knows why he injected him with the last drug either, because with the mixtures within Michael already, he should have been unconcious from the strange doses. ((Was the propolphol a way for him to cause us to think that was the drug that killed Michael?)) No one knows. --BUT THIS CASE WILL BE TRIED IN COURT. POLICE ARE OFFICIALLY CHARGING DR MURRAY WITH MANSLAUGHTER AND WHEN IN COURT WE WILL SEE IF THERE IS ENOUGH EVIDENCE (and maybe Motive) FOR MURRAY TO MURDER MICHAEL. There are theories about why Murray would want to be rid of Michael but Ive written enough. I just want whomever cares enough about Michael to read this to know what Ive researched. ---I dont read tabloids so be sure that this is all information either from the sources or from news that is trusted. Please make your own awareness blingee about michaels murder!!get the word out because most people still think it was an accident --the truth is it was no accident-- Professional doctors who did the 2 autopsies are sure of it and Michaels cause of death on his certificate has even been changed to HOMICIDE. Medical Evidence (it took a long time to finally GET TO US) shows that all this shows signs of a lot of thinking behind the medicine. The coroner has ruled after TWO autopsies to be certain that this was HOMICIDE./murder. ............WE LoVe You Michael!! NO ONE deserves to die this way!! * J U S T I C E for Michael *
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