still here does anyone know how to make blingees

its  been a very long time anyone i met on the site has left im much more mature now and dont hate all anti monarchy or pro marine park people i still think orca captivity is wrong and monarchy is good i  remember the days of being anastasias number 1 fan and being a huge fan of xia and eltrio from dragon quest 8


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happy birthday corazon
law and corazon
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lightning5000 dice:

hace 179 días
sorry for being late but ye i would love too!

DannyMyAngelL... dice:

hace 378 días
Hey sorry 4 l8te reply lot of thingz going on my grandpa passed away recently n February been having 2 take care of my grandma my mom & me took her 2 doctorz recently found out her bonez r broken n her pelvis & her foot she is having 2 learn 2 rewalk & she also cant lift dont know y but carrying a cup of coffee is hard 4 her but other than that I have been good just life ya knowz? wbu?  

urabe dice:

hace 423 días
yes i would like to be friends, sorry for late response, i was in prison.

Namitsuko dice:

hace 437 días
By the way, if you want to make Blingees, you can find a tutorial on Iskra's bio showing how to do that:

Namitsuko dice:

hace 437 días
Hi, sure! I would love to. :)
Accepted your friends request.

pikapika11 dice:

hace 443 días

FrozenZirka dice:

hace 445 días
Good thanks

hypnohy dice:

hace 445 días
i was going to ask you does it let you make blingees??
cause its not letting me its asking me to download flash player but i heard they shut that down sooo idk

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