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 Hello.. I am a Mother of 4 and Grandmother of 5 girls.& 1 Grandson  My birthday year is 1961... I love art, imagination..sparkly things and the creation of..I have been addicted to Blingee for several years!  I love it..Please no Circle request if under 18..

If I see that I vote and comment on your Blingee artwork and you are not doing the same for my work I will delete our Friendship, some people just want to have a Friendship just to get unfair..

 I love Dogs! and all animals!..

I love Fairies and creating them on Blingee..
  I love creating different Blingees and  entering the Challenges..

_❤️__❤️_____❤️__❤️___ Put This
 _❤️_____❤️_❤️_____❤️__ Heart
 _❤️______❤️______❤️__ On Your
 __❤️_____/______❤️__ Page If
 ___❤️____\_____❤️___ You Had
 ____❤️___/___❤️_____ Your Heart
 ______❤️_\_❤️_______ Broken

1. Dial 911 immediately
2. Open the curtains to see if anything has changed  over the past few years
3. Shower
4. Threaten Blingee Team with an impeachment vote
5. Try to do some Work
6. Re-introduce yourself to your immediate family
7. You mean there's something else to do?

I do not like COPYCATS! yes people use the same stamps in a lot of Blingees! BUT PLEASE! be original with your own work and DO NOT try to copy others work with just slight changes!! I will delete you quicker than anything for this!! I try to leave comments and votes on each Blingee in my circle, but if I continue to do that and you cant at least return the favor for my Blingees, then I surmise you are just wanting votes and comments for your Blingees and dont want to do the same for others..again I will delete our Friendship or lack of..


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wilfried1947 dice:

hace 990 días
How to create a Blingee?
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theswanprince... dice:

hace 1138 días
hi want to be friends

robbierob1961 dice:

hace 1222 días
well Thank You so much for all your help! how crazy!  But its better than nothing! never to old to learn new ways I guess!  Thanks for all your help and suggestions!

BBB338 dice:

hace 1222 días
All of you favorite or personal stamps will be available to you when you are making a pixmix. Plus you can ask red frame--and up comes red frames--you choose and drag it on the etape which means stage or creation square! You can turn the red frame into any color you want, but simple steps for now! I got into making fractals- (mathematical art)-it took about 5 years-- now that's a real mindblower!

BBB338 dice:

hace 1222 días
Here is the link in pixmix to import stamps:
Then it will ask for simple description--like Dog-- png (transparent background), jpg--solid background, or gif--any sort of animation or glitter! If you make a pixmix for Challenge--save it in favorites pixmix. Challenge is contest--only 1 entry per contest. 4 votes once contest starts, and you can't vote for yourself! VIP--gets 6 votes--no big deal!

BBB338 dice:

hace 1222 días
If you have any loose stamps on your computer you can import it into your saved stamps on pixmix!  Then you can shop for up to 1,000 stamps for other people's collections. If it is 
 an import of an animated or glitter stamp it can't be over 2 MB! I take a stamp sometimes and glitterize it! Blingee takes up to 4 MB of animations! You do not pay for regular pixmix it is FREE! I only got VIP for a few not so important reasons!

BBB338 dice:

hace 1222 días
Most of us are on pixmix  You cannot import any stamps directly from Blingee--but most of them are already in someone's hoard in pixmix. Check  my friend's list! Later I'll tell you how to change the color of any stamp or frame, write in text, and even Paint on blank canvas with their inks but you can put a stamp on and paint another stamp around it! You have to experiment! The Blingees are 400 x 400 in size! Pixmix is 500 X 500! You can download a tall background and it's even bigger.

BBB338 dice:

hace 1222 días
You cannot save your Blingee stamps on there! You can save your whole Blingee into your pictures with save as... Then you import tha Blingee to and scale it to exactly 500 x 500 , put it back into your pictures! Then on pixmix you can download the whole Blingee as a external upload--put some flowers on Blingees watermark,or thick frame and publish it as pixmix! They let you add music and change animation speed if animated, and publish it as pixmix if desperate for stamp.

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