never give up and good luck will find you!

hi!!! i yam seymour and i yam 20 years old. i like things .. a lot of things. i especially like toys :o)
pls join the groups that i made!!!
 - the aquabats!:
 - they might be giants:
 - moomin:
we don't have many members in any of them, but they're berry kewl groups, trust me ^_^


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<3 flansy <3
you see a clue? where?
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hace 604 días
hey do u have a tumblr i would love . to subscribe...

theswanprince... dice:

hace 664 días
hi want to be friends

criqket dice:

hace 765 días

bluef00t dice:

hace 830 días
I can't reply to your post on my profile so I'm saying hi back here. :P

bedtimebaby dice:

hace 856 días
hi bestest friend!! (imagine there is a picture of a kewpie here)

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