JoBros Rock!

I love the JoBros and their music is awesome!  I also love to play the drums!

We live in a world 
Where people pretend 
That they are true fans 
Well, this needs to be put to an end. 
They fake like they know them 
When in reality, they know squat 
They act like they love them 
Well, this acting has to stop! 
They only notice their looks 
Instead of what is deep inside 
They never notice their music 
And us real fans know it, those fake ones can't hide. 
They don't know any songs 
And they can't sing along, well that's not right 
Whether it is Mandy, S.O.S, or Seven O Five. 
They rate them for the wrong reasons 
On scales of one to ten 
Always picking Nick and Joe 
But never Kevin. 
He know he's treated differently 
That much is true 
Well, fake fans don't care 
I sure care, do you? 
They buy up all the tickets 
Just so they can see their asses 
Well, our boys can see through them 
Those fake fans need some glasses! 
They get to meet them before us, 
The true fans in the stands 
They just want to date them 
Just like all the other bands. 
Sure they might be pretty 
And sure they might be smart 
But their insecurity won't ever get 
Their faces implanted on their hearts. 
They will always go for us, 
The real and the true 
I am not a fake fan, but the question is... 
Are you? 
If you love and support these boys 
You'll put this on your site 
And always listen to their songs 
And love them for reasons that are right. 
Look past the faces 
And dig deeper within 
And discover the true beauty that lies 
In Joe, Nick and Kevin. 
*i did not make this up.* 


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JoBros_Lover dice:

hace 4525 días
hey, i haven't talked to you in 414 days, hows it goin???

Candylips3 dice:

hace 4582 días
I know fakes stink i love all jonas brothers for theyre music know matter how they look i love them

Twilight31 dice:

hace 4583 días
i HATE all these fake fans they don't know eneny thing about the jonas brothers u r a true jonas fan! ☺♥☻♥☺

Twilight31 dice:

hace 4583 días
u r so treu your poem is true they treet Kevin like trash and that is not right i am a real jonas brothers fan all of the jonases r my fave i luv all i know all there songs i even have one on my page!

monia94.... dice:

hace 4674 días
se ami i JOBROS iskriviti a qst gruppo:

ti aspetto!!!

CHERRiiEZ dice:

hace 4720 días
I LOVE THAT PIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joenasbroth dice:

hace 4759 días
can you add me please..
  (") (")
 (") (")this my gift 4 u..♪♫

soccerluva2013 dice:

hace 4828 días
oh my gosh...that thing on ur profile...that is sooooooo true....i have so many friends that think that they are hot...don't know any songs...just stop at their looks and don't look in deeper... ={

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