My name is Bobbie! yes...I'm female!



 So for all of you who don't know BJ stands for Bobbie Jo. but you can call me Bobbie. not sure what my parents where thinking....sigh....but there it is.
 I'm addicted to blingees! i have an artistic nature, i make my own jewelry, i write, and i draw. so some of my friends don't understand why i do blingees...well it another form of art, that's why.
 I'm happily married to the man of my dreams, but sadly no kids, i may never know that joy. I live in sunny hellishly hot Florida, born and raised. my age? if you must know, i was created and born in 79'
the youngest of 4 and the only girl, boy was that a joy. all of us kids are army brats, being born in Korea, Colorado, Texas and Florida.
 the last few years have been hell, i lost my mother, my brother, and a very dear friend. my husband has proven his strength and love in these times! Blingee has been my outlet for many a sad, mad, happy moments.

 I have NO PROBLEM with anyone using my stamps, i have a problem when they use my WHOLE  blingee! why be on here if your going to copy the whole thing, use your imagination people!!!
I love everyone's feedback, comments and votes, I love to see ever ones creations as well, i will always find the time to check out your magnificent creations. 


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Debbievanwinkle dice:

hace 1838 días
I know what you mean any kind Of art is very healing blingees included!!!  You make very creative art. Looking forward to sharing with you.  Your friend Debbie

SRK-Fan dice:

hace 2213 días
Hi dear!
You makes so beautiful blings, so very creative art! AWESOME!!!!
Have a blessed spring time ;) 

senstx dice:

hace 2527 días
Hello! Please come check out the new stamp challenge in Gothic Fantasy Group!

p01s0n_l1p5_0... dice:

hace 2556 días

Stamp Challenge

gothic fantasy group

Vykie4XENAres... dice:

hace 2565 días
Hi dears it's voting time in Gothic Fantasy!!

Vykie4XENAres... dice:

hace 2578 días
Hi dears it's voting timeGothic Fantasy

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