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O('') ('') Yes I do luv J.B! My class is going to movie world at the end of the year(tomorrow)! It's going to be way fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S: I can't decide between Justin Beiber and Cody Simpson!!!!!!!!!!!

P.P.S: Almost everyone in my class is fighting so I don't know how it's going to go tomorrow!  :)

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O('') ('')movie world was so much fun! the first ride we went on was superman escape and it is also the first roller coaster I have ever been! The other roller coasters i went on were, the scooby doo spooky coaster and the wild west falls.

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  |`-.__ ..-'--'`;..--'`merry xmas everyone! I finished primary school yesterday! Can't wait to kick of the holidays with my friends!

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26 april 2011
i know i haven't posted in a while but i thought i was obligated to tonight.

i thought i should probably post and update my account. since the last time i posted i have made heaps more friends and have had a couple more boyfriends but i am sticking with my current one, Dylan. We have only known each other for a couple of weeks but it feels like we have known each other our whole lives!

ok so Dylan didn't work out very well. infact he's a tool, but for some unknown reason i still love him. i must be insane or something.

Gosh, it's been ages since I've been on here, well now i'm in grade 9, i have a loving boyfriend, I'm doing well at school and I'm working on my social life outside of school.  :)


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hey, l just luv blingee, cause you can express yourself!

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I also love baby

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