My username is MileyAnnTisdale. I mixed all my favorite stars together. Witch are Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens (Baby V.) I love these three stars. I go on Ashley Tisdale's website, My username on there is Mileyann.Tisdale. I am going to get an account on Miley World soon. My favorite song from Miley is See You Again. My favorite song from Vanessa Hudgens is Come Back To Me. My favorite song from Ashley Tisdale is Be Good To Me. These stars are from Disney Channel. Ashley Tisdale goes on the sweet life of Zack & Cody. Miley Cyrus goes on Hannah Montana. Vanessa Hudgens is a High School Musical star, who also is Ashley Tisdale. I know a lot about them. I also know that they are best friends forever! (BFF) They are all SO pretty, cool and fun to watch! (Listion to also) Ashley Tisdale has a movie out called There's Something About Ashley. That I own! Miley Cyrus has a 3D consert thing in theaters. I want to see that! Vanessa is pretty much a High School Musical star. In 1 and 2. Now I'll tell you about me, I was born in the year 1992. My b-day is in the month of Feb. I love to chat! I talk to my best friends 247! On the computer, phone or in person! I'm a real talking kind of a person! I love to make friends! Any time any where! I can't tell you that much about me, after all this is the internet. And you never know what's on the other side. That means I DO NOT believe in long distance couple ships. So don't even ask me! I hope everyone on here is real nice. I'd like to be your friend! So please add me! I want to make as much friends as posible! I'd love to chat too! Just remember the whole internet thing. It can be fun but sometimes a VERY dangerus place. Please add me! Peace out peepz! P.S. If you want to learn more about me go to ashley and go to my profile by going to this site, then go to the very bottom blog I've maid! Thank you!


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miley_ashley97 dice:

hace 4868 días
plz add me. I'm from 2! add me @ ashmusic 2 plz! k? thanks! =)

Mimi-95 dice:

hace 4951 días
It's ok. Im great! How are you?

daddysgirl720 dice:

hace 4952 días

daddysgirl720 dice:

hace 4952 días
LETS' chat on my page ok?

daddysgirl720 dice:

hace 4952 días
u wanna chat?

daddysgirl720 dice:

hace 4952 días
why aren't u on ashleymusic anymore???
i miss u there!

singer_101 dice:

hace 4953 días
hey,i'm cool-girl0 from ashley music.i added u.hope u r on when i'm on

daddysgirl720 dice:

hace 4954 días
hey thx for the comment on my blingee....ur looks cool 2! WAY COOLER THAN MINE!!!

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