I Love Nougami Neuro ❤ He is my Husband and Eternal Love!!! He's the one who makes me happy and gives me a reason to live!❤

❤ Ghirahim is P-E-R-F-E-C-T ! ! ! ❤

☆ Anime/Manga 4 Ever ☆ 
~I'm an AnimeFan 4 Life and 4 Ever!~

I fell in Love with Nougami Neuro when I finished the Anime Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro in February 2015 so my love isn't Sebasuchan anymore but I still love him as one of the best Characters ever ❤
Well there is a personal reason I love Neuro more than ever and he managed to beat Sebasuchan out of my head xD Also...I love Ghirahim of Zelda Skyward Sword/Hyrule Warriors too xD ❤ You are all AWESOME my 3 Demon Boys!!! [Nougami Neuro, Demonlord Ghirahim and Sebasuchan Mikaerisu] ❤

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Favorite Quotes of my sweetheart Nougami Neuro:
"I'm too lazy."
"This Mystery is on the tip of my tongue."
"This is for the survival of a species I'm gambling my Life for."
"Actually I've never killed a person. At least to snatch away another's life forever, that kind of thing..I try my best to refrain from it."
"Those who were once thwarted, only their brains can carry the opportunities to become stronger deeper within their hearts as long as that person has a strong resolve...the hearts of those who were thwarted will heal, the harmed parts will amend...and then certainly, they will stand up again. And that is what I look forward to."
-Nougami ▼ Neuro

Favorite Quotes of Sebasuchan Mikaerisu:
"Hatred and Sorrow are Power. They are yours to control. All you have to do is turn them into strenght, and use that strenght to move forward."(Anime season 1)[I kinda love this quote the most because it's a really wise saying you can follow to move forward in life..I take his wise sayings serious and I can agree with everything. It's his wisdom that made me to that person I am now; A more wise and proud person..]
"Humans drag others down in order to get what they want, even in death.." [The shipvoyage-arc is my favorite arc!]
"There are monsters of the society that are worse than demons."[This similiar quote is of the shipvoyage-arc chapter where the past is shown and Seba cut Ciel's hair properly while they were talking]
"Pff, everything starts with the basics" [beginning of the green witch-arc]
"Don't increase the work.."[green witch-arc]
-Sebastian Michaelis

I appreciate this character very much. And I don't care what others think because of that!

If your own Blingees make you happy you make it right. I don't care if people are jealous of my creations or think they are bad because I love all my creations and I create all my Blingees with love and joy!^^

--I despise here: when people underrate your blingees (or even your stamps), because they are jealous of you and just don't admit their bad rating. And if you Don't like/hate Anime/Manga Don't rate my Blingees!!-- Thanks for attention ^_^

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I Thank you all for your nice comments to my Blingees!! \(^w^)v And I'm very grateful to all, who give me always Five Stars ✪✪✪✪✪ :]

Favorite games: Pokemon-Editions, Zelda-Series (Skyward Sword and TP best), Hyrule Warriors, Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Galaxy/Sunshine, Layton's Mystery Journey, Persona 3 FES, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

Viridi Goddess of Nature [Kid Icarus]: "Humans are who destroy the earth." ...

(゚、 。 7 -  
 l、 ~ヽ   
 じし(_, )ノ  NyaanNyan~

____7__________7__________7 Tools of the Daemon World!

____7 Tools of the Daemon Court!

~777 M a j i n  T a n t e i ▼ N o u g a m i  N e u r o 777~

~I have a ❤ 4 Animals~ and I love cats, birds and rabbits the most!

 ❤ I also love Touhou (especially music-arranges and the characters) ❤


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My Top 3 Favorite Anime:
1. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro(❤), Kuroshitsuji
2. Black Rock Shooter, Mekakucity Actors
3. Guilty Crown, Sword Art Online
Other favorite Animes: UraBoku, Persona3, K-ON!, Vampire Knight, Arcana Famiglia, Psycho-Pass, Death Parade and more :3

Favorite Mangas: Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, Kuroshitsuji, Vampire Knight, Black Rock Shooter~Innocent Soul~, Pandora Hearts

The texts below are self-made

                                  A loner's True Self
It's the best to be a loner on this world~ You will never be hurt from bad people or other problems and you can always smile, because you know that almost all are just fellows or manipulated people who are not themselves and manipulate their true self 'cause of others; and only you are happy that you will never change yourself nor belong to them~ You just smile because at the end you are the one who will rise to live a life that is worth it..
Think of the earth and it's true nature, and not of fellowsupporters who aren't worth it~

                            Dieser Butler, ein ungereimtes Gedicht~
Er lebt in sich einsam. Ursprünglich aus der Dämonenwelt.
Er scheint herzlos und eiskalt. Feind für Feind, töten, ohne Gnade. 
Er scheint verachtend, egoistisch, simpel gefühlslos. Menschen liegen ihm nicht.
Er hört nur auf Worte eines Masters. Andere Worte haben kaum Wert.
Er wird niemals etwas verlangen für seine Taten. Kein Geschenk. Keine Anerkennung. Nur eine Seele.
Er lebt für Nichts außer Rache. Die aus Hass von Jemanden entstand.
Er wird am Ende doch nur als "Monster" bezeichnet…
Ich will ihn von seinem Fluch befreien. Denn…
Sein Wahres Ich, welches er an sich selbst womöglich nicht realisiert hat.. Ist anders.
Er lächelt. So warmherzig, wie eine freundliche Person, die Glücklichkeit zeigt.
Er sorgt sich. Immer Großzügig und Herzlich um seine „Mitgesellen“.
Er schätzt. Seine eigenen Dinge, wie einen wertvollen Schatz.
Er ist selbstlos. Und begibt sich selbst in Gefahr, um diese zu schützen.
Er bevorzugt Ordnung und Gerechtigkeit. Wie ein fairer Richter.
Er kennt die Welt zu gut. Mit Weisheit und schrecklicher Wahrheit.
Er lügt niemals. Obwohl er etwas verheimlicht…(?)
Ja. Das Geheimnis. Des Butlers, der ein Dämon ist. Aber…
Er ist eben kein böser Dämon. Merkst du es denn nicht?
Er ist eine liebevolle Person. Die Gefühle sehr wohl kennt.
Sein Name mit der Bedeutung "Der Ehrwürdige".
Will er geliebt werden? Will er gehasst werden? Es ist und bleibt ein Geheimnis.(?)
Sebasuchan Mikaerisu. [~Kuroshitsuji~]
                             Strong Wishes

I wish I were as strong and confident as you…

I wish I could manage everything like you…

I wish I would stay calm in every situation like you…

I wish I were as perfect as you…

But this is impossible…

I just can try to be like you…In my own way…

Because you are..

"Just One Hell of A Butler."

                                ~If I were an Angel~
If I were an Angel, I would forget all about the life on this world except the good memories, my hobbies and person who always care well for me~.
If I were an Angel, I would search for a world and persons that i always want to save and watch over~.
If I were an Angel, I could spread my purewhite wings and fly through the heavens, free and without any worries~.
Well I'm not an Angel yet; now I'm living on a world, just like you, I couldn't choose to live on..But i give the best in my whole life and never give up, so that my wish will be granted in the end [no matter how bad I sometimes feel of this world]~
                               The Voice in my Head
Sometimes I can hear a voice.
It's only and always in my head and I don't know surely who it is~
But I know two things: This voice sounds very gentle and help/support me whenever I feel not so well..
I don't know if it's an Angel or just an Illusion, but i know it's a very Warmhearted and Nice being that speaks there~
Maybe it's my True Heart, or maybe it's an totally Different Creature.
I think I will never find out..
And when I ask the voice in my head, there always comes one Similiar Answer: ~Don't ask who I am, Don't look for me, just listen to my voice and always be like you are 'cause the way you are is the right~
                            If a Smile could change the World
If a Smile could change the world, then only Your Smile can change it for me~ This World I see isn't that how it ever should be..But when I see you Smiling, I know that it makes sense that I live on This World and want to live on much more. Your Smile is what gives me courage to stay like I am and move forward little by little. I just have to hear always to Myself and not to other's bad opinions or fellowsupporter-selfs. If Your smile could change The World..I think it wouldn't be so Precious for me anymore..and that's why I just want that this Beautiful and True Smile is always for me.
The dark crow smiles.
It's Light seems to be hidden under black feathers,
because in reality it is free and without any worries~
On This World: True Love or True Friendship Don't exist and will never exist~ They only Exist in an Own True World.
Never trust others! ~Only trust in Yourself.~
~I love being a loner on this world. Is there any problem with that? I'm sure not. So stop questioning my life!~


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