Missin you guys.

Lately i was thinking about all the fun we used to have all those years ago. With Chris and misa and all them. And then kyle and the rest. But after Chris left, everyone else kinda did too. 
I miss all the stuff we did and said. All the fun times we had. 

Wish we could have them again some day </3 ;-;

Friends are my Whole World..Thats Why I'll Always try My Best to Keep Them

Post this on ur page if u think those stupid kids should give that bunny his trix cereal!        

I called ur boyfriend gay so he hit me with his purse!

check out these sites: www.e-shuushuu.net  and   www.shelfari.com
if u become memberz on 
e-shuushuu.net  my name iz Inuyasha101
and on shelfari.com my name iz Inuyasha Chick


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New hair :D
Mizore Shirayuki!!
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Felicia16789 dice:

hace 3783 días
omg hey i hope u havnt forgotten bout me iv missed ya alot well hit me back up on here if u ever get on again 

silvermoon_1996 dice:

hace 4060 días
also call me :d 347-233-6036 <33

silvermoon_1996 dice:

hace 4060 días
BREEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333
add me on facebook <3
Indy Bisram :DD

Felicia16789 dice:

hace 4325 días
yeah i know facebook is taking over if u have one then u need 2 add me i miss u bestie :D well what have u been up 2 :P


Felicia16789 dice:

hace 4331 días
hey it's me im hoping u haven't forgotten about me srry for not being on for so long iv got a facebook now that's one reason i haven't been on.
well if u haven't forgotten me then hit me up on here
Felicia :)

leslie2kindom dice:

hace 4372 días
it's ok oo and we missed each other's birthday srry but why u never on anymore i mean i am never on either but u used to be on all the time!!! :)

leslie2kindom dice:

hace 4373 días
still nothing not a hi!! lol........
no but rlly :) 
no rlly

silvermoon_1996 dice:

hace 4373 días
lol. i was suprised you remembered me :) i would never 4get you 

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