im jus here ta make people happy!!

im a kewl chik ta chill wit!!

but dont get me twisted i can get bitchy quik!!

ma name is Leigha

some ppl like ta call me fake

but i call them HATERZZZZ

i hang wit a lot of blk folk and i dont give a fuk wut u 

think bout me really

i love who i am.....

and the most important thing about me is......

that im a large girl

and damnb proud of it!!

i love the way  look and the way i am

and if ppl hav a problem wit it they can solve it somewhere else

cuz i dont need negative shyt in ma lyfe!!

well if u wanna kno anything else bout me jus ask!!

and trust me i will tell u!!


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blingee_team dice:

hace 5416 días
Nice Blingees and Stamps! Yous should add some relevant tags to your Stamps so that other people can find them and use them! Thank you

KANDiiKODiiD dice:

hace 5429 días
hahahaha nobody lovezz meee

but yea if u do come see ma page leave love♥

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