The meaning of being a true Jonas Fan...

I know they are many people who claim to be fans of The Jonas Brothers.
I also know that many people do not know the meaning of the word "FANATIC."

But I will be the meaning :

~Being a fan of the band Jonas Brothers is not to have all his records and posters. Being a fan is to follow, believe in them, not be swayed by magazines, to accept the three and love them equally.
If you are a true Jonas Fan you gotta love Joe, Kevin and Nick.
Many girls are led by the physical and youthful appearance of this band. Many hate to Kevin and only by the physical.
I just tell them that you do not know them as individuals  and Joe and Nick may be georgeous  but that gives not right to insult or offend to Kevin.

I assure you that all three are some amazing  guys...

Those who do not like the Jonas :

***The better they mess their word by the....
And to eat... As the ... What are...




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