"†~The Truth Is You Could Slit My Throat && With My Last Gasping Breath I'd Apologise For Bleeding On Your Shirt~†"


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Okies. For Starters I Don't Really Give A Damn About What The Fuck People Think Of Me. I'm Generally A Nice Person. But Piss Me Off & You'll Definately Know About It. I'm A Satanist & Fucking Proud. I'm Bi. Just Get The Fuck Over It. I Dress The Way I Want. & I Have A Hair Style That I Think Rawks. & I ♥ Screamo/Heavy Metal Music. I'm Addicted To Music! It's What Keeps Me Relatively Sane. Oh & Just Note That I Accept People For Who They Really Are & I Don't Believe In Stereotypes. Most Of Yooh Probably Think That I'm A Freak. So What. Do Yooh See Me Caring? Yooh Laugh Cause I'm Different I Laugh Cause You're All The Same! I Hate Posers, Liars, Back Stabbers, Fakes, Cheaters, & So On So Forth. P.S. Add Me Biitches! xxsuicidexxbunny_666@hotmail.com xx-♥

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Another One Of Me. -sigh- BoreD!!!
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joannitah dice:

hace 5040 días
hiii ♥ 
linda pic
♥♥ joannitah♥

sheridan1993 dice:

hace 5180 días
i no isnt it great........................g2g the witching hr is opon us lol

909797978797 dice:

hace 5183 días
Hey, nm u? :) 

909797978797 dice:

hace 5188 días
not much. :) 

sheridan1993 dice:

hace 5188 días
well u spiked my drink and i got tipsy!!!! biach

909797978797 dice:

hace 5188 días
oh okay^^

sheridan1993 dice:

hace 5189 días
well i like ugly muffens

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