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I Love You 1
Angel Or Devil-2
Happy Spring To "All" My Friends Excuse My Absence Off & On Have A Bad Cough/Bronchitis...I Love All Of You <3
Happy 8Th Birthday Aries~From Auntie Sherry,I Love You Sweet Girl <3
I Wear This Ribbon Because Someone I Love Battles Kidney Disease...<3
I Love You Sis Claudia...<3
IchIruKi  xD para Mi aMiga vale  T+E    Q+I+E+R+O    M+U+X+O
Tabitha Rose~ I Love You My Friend...<3
A v r i l  L a v i g n e
Happy St. Patricks Day~For "ALL" My Friends, Love You I'm Sick Bronchitis/Cold <3
W Demi,W Le Saette (Cioè la squadra blu dei disney channel games!) W I BLU DI AMICI E W L' INTER (ALTRE SQUADRE A CUI TENGO!)

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