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My Mother 1935-36 College Graduation picture. Joyful226
Deidara >o< or my imvu home page XD
My Sister Helen Hull Hitchcock Thanksgiving and Christmas / Joyful226
 [PARAMORE] Love my friends...
Congratulations Mal6c,You are our Winner In The #43 Fairy Friday,6-30-15
Congratulations Piedadk, You are our Winner in the #60 Little Heaven Sents, 7-11-15
Congratulations Rena11, You are our winner in the #45 Fairy Friday. 7-11-15
Congratulations Piedad5007, You Are Our Winner In The #59 Little Heaven Sents. 7-3-15
Housed used as background Joyful226 Connie
I'm back!!! :D
A Daughter's Love and  Devotion

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Thank you for your friendship

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