mittwochs gruß

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* { Snow White } * Once upon a time... *
for a good friend monster ( karin )
A Beautiful Day
Cats in a teacup
~♥♫•Anime` Boy` (Uta` no` Prince` - sama`) - Got` stuck` on` my` body` like` a `tattoo`•♫♥~
Have a Nice Day my dear and lovely friends of blingee♥♥ p
~♥♫•Anime` Girl` - It's` like` a` bright` paradise`•♫♥~
summer dream ♥f♥a♥d♥
A Tribute to Bergen
Have a nice day and beautiful afternoon my dear friends♥ p
A toutes mes amies et amis * To all my friends * A todos mis amigas y mis amigos

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März, im  Sternzeichen "Fisch"

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