"OH SHOOT!" you say as you steer your car to the side of the road. "i cant believe i ran outta gas...walk with me to the gas station hun, its not too far" you say to your best friend. " sure but grab your coat its freezing out there!" she says as she pulls her coat on. you two get out and make your way through the snow down the street. the gas station is only about three blocks away, but by the time you guys got there you were shivering like crazy. "holy crap my whole body is like frozen" your friend complains as you two walk up to the really cute guy behind the counter. "hey, you guys gotta gas can here?" you ask him. " yea, but you have to put a ten dollar deposit on it so we know we're getting it back...." he replied with a "stupid rules" kinda tone. "oh uhm, well i only have a few dollars on me.... im only a couple streets down, is there anyway you could just trust me on it?" you pleaded. "yea well i suppose i could" he said as he handed you the gas can. "thanks!" you say as you flash him a flirty smile and walk out the door. as you were pumping the gas into the can as you and your friend gossip about how incredible cute he was. "dibs" you say and you both start laughing. when you were done you guys make your way back to the car. "man its cold out here", you say as you pour the gas into your tank, " my hands are like ice!" you get into your car and start it up. "now to go back to seth" your friend says with a smile. "whose seth?" you ask. "the guy at the gas station, duh he was wearing a name tag." she says with a smile. you pull up to the gas station, grab the can and hop out. "i'll be right back" you say to your friend, but she had her ipod in and didnt hear it. you fix your hair a little then walk in. "hey! told you you could trust me" you say as you hand him the gas can. he smiles and says "good, i was worried i'd never see it again" with a flirty look. you laugh a little. " so im ________, your seth right?" "yea how'd you know?" he says. " your name tag" you say with a giggle. " oh yea that thing" he says. "well uhh thanks again" you say as you walk away and out the door. your definently going to this gas station more often you think to yourself as you get back into your car. "hey, lets go back to your house and finish that english project" your friend says. Two days later---- "are you stalking me?" seth says with a grin as you walk into the gas station. you laugh, "what can i say i just cant get enough" you kid back. you grab a soda and walk to the counter. "i was thirsty" you say as you put it on the counter. "one dollar" he says. you hand him a dollar, smile then head for the door. "hey wait, is that your number on this?" he says, but you were already outside. he writes your number down on a peice of paper along with "_______, call ASAP." all day you sat by your call. totally bummed you decide to watch a movie then go to bed. the next morning you wake up to a text message. "hey this is seth the guy from the gas station this is _______ right? hit reply "yea, whats up!" you pull on your skinnys, and grab your phone again. "1 next text message". he sends " just getting ready for school, you?" .... "the same hey what school do you go to?" ......" i go to the private school downtown, you?" he says. "that sucks i go to the school down the street from your gas station." you two text all day. when school gets out he calls you. "hey ________ i dont work today you wanna do something?" he asked. "for sure, i just gotta run my friend home!" you meet up with her at your car and tell her about seth. way excited you drove her home...speeding. you meet up with seth afterwards at the local indoor skatepark. you pull up next to him and he grabs his board and hops out. "hey" he says. "hey, so you skate huh" you say nudging his arm. "since before i could walk" he says jokingly "can you?" "oh no, i tried once, but i fell and pretty much thought i broke my arm." you say as you two make your way through the doors. "well, todays your lucky day, i'll teach you." he says as he grabs your hand and pulls you to the skate floor. he sets his board down and instructs you to get on it, one foot at each end. you do so and he slowly starts pulling you forward by your hands. "omg im gonna fall!!" you say. "its ok i'll catch you" he says with a smile. after a while you give up on the whole thing cuz it was way too hard. hes skates a little while, and stops every couple of minutes to talk to you. "wow your so good!" he blushes, "thanks". "show me more!" you say as you push him up and back onto his board. it started getting dark and you had to go. "so....i'll call you tomorrow?" he says. "yea" you smiled. you get into your car and head home. you call your friend up on the way. she answeres but before even saying hello she says " OK! dish!!! how was it?!" you tell her about your day and how much fun it was. you get home, do your home work, think about seth a little =] then go to bed. The next couple of days---- you wake up to a text again. "good morning" seth wrote. "Morning!" you reply back. you two text all day again. you hoped he'd call you after school, but he didnt. after talking to a couple friends in the hall, you and your friend walked to your car, which was a routine for you two. as you walk up to your car you see a paper on your windsheild. " oh crap i got another parking ticket" you say as you grab the paper. " haha that makes like what.... number 4?" your friend jokes. but it wasnt a ticket, it was a note.... from seth! "__________, hey, my phone died in my last class. i gotta work today, but i get off around 6 tonight. dinner? i have my charger with me, so text me and let me know." you smile, hop into your car and head to your house. you and your friend go through about a million outfits before you finally pick one. you had already told him yes and gave him your address. he said he'd have to go home and change, but he'd be there at 7. its 6:45.... "15 minutes" you say to your friend. she laughs. "hey, while your out im gonna stay here and watch a movie k?" she asked/told you. " thats fine, just remember to actually put the movie back in the case this time" you laugh. 6:58. "omg the suspence is killing me" you say. DING DONG. " omg ok hes here! i'll see you later" you say as you grab your coat. "good luck!" she says. you open your door. "wow you look good _______" he says. you blush. " not too bad yourself" you say. you two head to his car. on the drive there you talk about school, his job, and your obsession with your favorite band. "so, if i was in a burning building with (your fav. band) and you were my last hope you'd save them?" he says with a smile. "yep" you laugh. "oh that hurts."seth says as he puts his hand over his heart. he smiled. you pull up to the resturaunt and get out. you two eat dinner and continue to talk and flirt. afterwards you two leave and are driving again. you think hes driving you home but he passed your street. "where we going?" you ask. "its a surprise" he replied with a smile. he pulls up to a park with a ice rink in it. "its so pretty! but i didnt bring skates.." you say kinda bummed. "its ok neither did i" he says as he gets out and opens your door. you both run down to the ice and slide around. you were having so much fun. he was too. as you were sliding around you both fell. him right ontop of you. "OWW!" you say as you laugh. you stop laughing and you look a him. he looks you right in the eye then kisses you. and you kissed him back! he was so warm.. you two layed there for a few minutes kissing when your phone rang. "honey hey its mom, its getting pretty late and you have school tomorrow so you need to come home" you say ok then hang up. "i gotta go..." you say. "ok i'll drive you, but more kiss?" you smile then kiss him. you get home and tell your friend everything- the drive, dinner, the park, the kiss. "it was amazing" you say. you two talk a little longer and she ends up spending the night. the next day at school you cant focus at all. you kept replaying yesterday in you head. every time the kiss came up you got butterflies. after school seth calls you and asks you if you can hang out after you drop your friend off. and of course you said yes. you meet up at the skate park a little later where you two hang out all day. " so _________..... i kinda really like you and all and i was wondering..... if...." he starts to say then stops. "if what" you say anxiously. "if you know, you'll be mine?" he says while blushing. you smile...really big. and say "OF COURSE!" you kiss him. thats it. your offically completely happy. you two hang out the rest of the day til you have to go home. his kisses you goodbye and tells you he'd call you once hes home. you smile and get into your car and head home. you two talk all night. (more on next blingee)
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by the way do u like him

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