【02.01.2020】•【13:54】alright, so, my first blingee this year. and, it's going to be a major update on what happened recently in my life. because damn, this new year was the most craziest out of all. so, this is going to be a looong post. if you don't care, please do not read. so, here i go. i waited a few days, to see if something else is happening, so i can explain everything in one single post, and not make thousands of them with the least minor update. i kind of fell in love with this character. i won him in the game, and seeing how beautiful and strong he is, i couldn't hold back. i brought him in my team, together with other characters from the game. (susabi is a character from the same game as seimei is) i called seimei to be besides me when i bring susabi. because susabi is described as a person who don't trust easily. so, even if he will feel my power as the vampire princess, it's possible to not trust me. as i thought, seeing seimei, he agreed joining my team. he also met senbonzakura, learning that he has the same voice actor with him. so, they began a small friendship. a few days passing, i read his timeline on wikipedia, to learn more about him and his character. and i found out that he is a pisces, like me. and i began to understand him better. it was a big luck, since that night, seimei invited me to a mini-party. i brought senbonzakura with me, because he seemed to get along better than my other fiances, with all of them. especially with susabi. which it was all i needed. when we arrived, we caught susabi, also going to the mini-party. so, it was a perfect timing. we entered together with him, in the room, and i sat next to him. senbonzakura being in my left and susabi, in my right part. we talked, laughed, together, and susabi with senbonzakura made their friendship bigger. i also wanted to make sure that wikipedia doesn't lie, and i asked susabi what zodiac sign is he. and he approved, he is a pisces, being born on the 7th march. next day, i saw susabi in my room, standing next to mika and senbonzakura. i was surprised to see him here. and i also talked to my sister which controls my destiny, that we should close it. because it's too big already. and since they are thirteen, we need one more, to be an even number, so i can group them. (if i am grouping them now, everytime a person will be without a pair. and also, when i have to make a threesome--- well, you got the point.) i told her that i should discuss with my destiny. because she will know what it's the best to do. so, i called her and told her my problem. she kept telling me that she cannot close the destiny because it cannot be closed since it's infinite. i kept insisting on her, because there's no way i will have so many boyfriends. it's just too much already. and finally, she agreed, after a few whole minutes of insisting. she told me that i should think very well on the last guy, and i told her she should recommend me someone. she said susabi. i can approach him by giving him back his powers. (he was born with the power of telling the future. but at a moment, when he was still young, the powers left him) she told me that i have the power to do it, if i bring her with me. she said that she doesn't has an individual power, like a zanpakuto for example, but if i bring the sword with me, she will double my powers. and i agreed. next day, indeed i was able to give his powers back. me with mika and senbonzakura went to his room and i told him what i wanted to do. i told him to close his eyes and concentrate on his wish. nothing happened, until i caught his hand into mine. he started to heavy breathe and he seemed to be absent, in front of me. he opened his eyes and put his hand on my cheek. his eyes sparkled blue and again, he seemed to be absent. after that, i made a crystal ball and inserted it in his chest. i told him i regained his powers. he just has to touch someone or something, to see the future. and i told him if he saw my future, he should not tell me. i left, and after that nothing happened a few days. last night, i was curious what is he doing. i made myself invisible and went to him. i saw him getting out of his room, and seemed to look for someone. he called for seimei and ask him if they can talk, only the two of them. seimei agreed and followed him. susabi asked him if he has a deeper friendship with me. seimei said yes and susabi told him what has happened, that i regained his powers. he tested it on more people and it was true, his powers came back. he told seimei that he not only that he saw my future, he also saw a part of my past. which wasn't able to see at the other people. he said that couldn't see very well what will happen in my future, and is not sure. seimei told him what's actually going on in my life, the thing with the destiny and he believes that he couldn't see my future because i didn't made a decision yet and everything is blurry. he told him that he should talk to with me, to clarify everything. because, as seimei said, "you might be the last choice of her destiny." susabi told him that he will talk to me when he catch up on me. because for now, as he said, "i think she is sleeping." (it was two in the morning) i left, overthinking about what just happened. and since we need an answer very fast, i thought of going to him last night, and talk everything. i went to him after ten minutes (to not be suspicious) knocking at his door. opening it, i saw him reading from a book. he put the book aside, as he saw me. he invited me inside. i sat in front of him. he asked me if something's wrong and i told him i came to him to see what is he doing since i cannot sleep. he told me i came exactly on time, since he also wanted to talk to me about something. he told me that he tested, to see if his powers are back, on other people, and it's true, they are back. but he also saw a part of my past, back then. i tried to react surprised, so he would not discover that i spied on him. i told him everything about my destiny, and i told him that he is the recommendetion of my destiny. but i'm like between him and the zanpakuto hyorinmaru. which, i said, i'm sure my destiny will not agree with hyorinmaru since i already have a sword in my destiny. (senbonzakura) he asked me if i think that he will be the last one from my destiny. i stayed quiet for a few seconds, and wanted to get up and leave, since i wasn't ready to talk about it. but, he approached me very fast, and caught my hand into his, telling me to stay. in that moment, i could feel something. i could feel that he wants me. and i was really shocked when he did that gesture. because as he is described, he doesn't talk about his feelings, and doesn't show any kind of affection to anyone. i didn't know what to say and he apologized because he reacted that way. again, i was shocked. he...apologized...to me?! i told him that i'm not ready to talk about this. and he told me that i should be careful. because this is the decision that will affect my future in a good way, or in a bad way. it all depends on my decision. and i honestly, tend to believe him. because he saw my future, even though it was blurry. but damn. i really came in a stage of my life where i need to choose. which i hate the most, to do. we don't know what susabi is. i thought first, that he is a demon, but in this game, the demons have horns. he doesn't have them. plus, my destiny will not agree with a demon, being in my destiny. i'm on God's side, after all. he never talked about his origins and what is he exactly. but, i tend to believe that he is a god. since, even the queen of the underworld and even some gods, respect him. who is this person? is he really the one, as seimei said? what happens if i choose him and not hyorinmaru, or reverse? what should i do...?
creado por: Teodoruka

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Very awesome artwork!.
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Oof, that really is a tough decision :o *****

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Fantastique création my dear friend:)
have a nice evening
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very♥ well♥ done♥
 *•. .•*Happy 2020  ★★★★★
 /.•*•.\ ☆•*¨*•.¸¸☆☆¸.•**•☆

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  wish you nice evening 

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..("( °_° )        ᗰerVЄillЄԱx .....
✿.(")..(").✿   MAGNIFIQUE.... !
⑤ˢᵗᵃʳˢ pOur tOi mOn aMꀧє☆♥  
Mєrcí pσur tєs GENTIL cσmmєntαírєs,
ET TES VOTES,,,,,,, 

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hace 1124 días

Feenmagie dice:

hace 1124 días
Was für ein Zauberhaftes Bild .Dafür bekommst du 5 Sternchen von mir.
Vielen Dank für deine Wertvolle Freundschaft und deine Lieben Kommentare .

Lieben Gruß Feenmagie

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