Corrective mind control for suffers of the Dallas Delusion (epilepsy warning)

Corrective mind control for suffers of the Dallas Delusion (epilepsy warning)
Earlier this month, the U.S. was shaken by the recent discovery that the so called city of "Dallas Texas" was in fact an elaborate hoax cooked up by a couple of teenage pranksters. Although this understandably shock the million or so residents of Dallas, the group most upset was the U.F.O. death cult calling themselves "the church of the subgenius". For some arcane reason,these wackos believed that sending money to Dallas was necessary to achieve eternal salvation. Despite repeated warnings that they were falling for a scam, Subgenii continued to protest the inability to send letters to dallas with violent acts of terrorism, such as vandalizing public bathrooms and making rude gestures to pedestrians. In a desperate attempt to restore normalcy, the government turned to the website "". It was theorized that images created with the site would resonate within the Subgeniis bizarre minds, as it's designers were clearly also violently insane. The final product was the image shown above, which used a drawing of their god (whose name was "bob") as a basis. The image was scheduled to be broadcasts on national television, as well as take the place of banner ads on the internet. However, it was discovered too late that the Subgenii had successfully infiltrated the american government over the past five weeks, and were about to launch a nuclear strike with the goal of causing all life on earth to be exterminated. Although this would obviously kill them as well, the Subgenii believed that that would be spared in a so called "rupture". Obviously, this did not happen, and they were incinerated in a fiery inferno with the rest of humanity.Since the image was destroyed in the resulting Armageddon, there is obviously no way it could appear here. Since your yourself died in that selfsame inferno, there is no way you could possibly be reading this. Thus, anyone who believes themselves to be viewing this image or the accompanying text is clearly hallucinating, a known side effect of death. (in an ironic twist, due to its nonexistence, the city of Dallas was not affected by the bombs. The fact that the official headquarters of the church of the subgenius, along with most of its high ranking officials, is located in Dallas is a complete and utter coincidence.)
creado por: polynera

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