I'm sorry..

I'm sorry..
As I am excited for 2015, I felt really bummed out earlier this year.. I'm upset with the things that came through here for me on Blingee. As I can be grateful for everything that you've done for me and do it for you, I'm not proud of it. I've been on Blingee for two years now and ever since I joined back then, I was having a good time. Now it's not the same anymore, I don't know how to deal with it.. I've also been looking back old comments that still make me laugh and smile at this day! But comments that I get nowadays are always "awesome", "fantastic", "beautiful", etc. I say that I enjoy getting comments like that, but I've been thinking about some gentle criticism on details.. I'm not saying I hate your comments, I appreciate them really I do! :) But it seems so hard for me that I don't remember seeing any comments that I've been getting from you guys (especially some old friends.).. Speaking about details, I want to talk about my style and notes on my blingees.. I'm kind of tired of the style I've been doing on my blingees.. I know few months ago I've been practicing various designs. Yet what worries me about it is that it might be lagging slowly.. For now, I won't worry about it.. And also, I feel like some people don't read descriptions much in my pics.. I get the fact you're thinking, "too long; didn't read", but it can get to know more info about my pics (especially this one!). I hope people can understand what's it about (well you get the title of it, of course x3). And I was also blown away lately with some people putting some negative thoughts about my blingees. Please read my FAQs in my profile before you get to know me first. There's Q&As talking about my blingees. Yet people finds it weird when I do different blingees (such as yaoi, yuri, any fetish I have, etc.). So if you don't like it, don't look at it or say anything nice about it. I recommend finding something awesome better than saying something rude.. People have different opinions, but I couldn't stand them talking about the rude ones.. Yet don't listen to haters, concentrate on the people that love you! <3 *clears throat* I know some of the stuff will probably offend you, but I guess you can get the point! :) And my New Year's Resolutions of course will be don't listen to the trolls, improve new styles, and have a great time with you guys! See you in 2015, my friends! I love you!! xoxo ^.^
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japanfan12345 dice:

hace 2823 días
I do yaoi and yuri blingees sometimes too, and I have had some negative comments. But if that's what you like, then carry on making them. Don't let the haters stop you from being yourself 

midnasoul5 dice:

hace 2831 días
I feel so bad for you, NintendogDaisy. I feel the same way a little bit. Hardly anyone comments my blingees, and I absolutely don't like it when I put (Read Description) on title and no one reads it. Hey, but atleast you know you're not alone. I'm glad you put this out there so I don't feel all alone either. Also, the blingee is absolutely beautiful:) I've always loved the gogs you draw^w^ 5stars, and happy new year. I hope you will have a better year on blingee this year<:)

japanfan12345 dice:

hace 2831 días
 /\.../\   	*stunning!*  
=‘•.•’=	*fantastic!*
.♥**♥	*beautiful!*

superprincesa... dice:

hace 2832 días

kaykitty727 dice:

hace 2832 días
     . ╭)))*~╮
╭───╮♥ ((( ^ - ^)))♥╭☆──╮
╰─    ..//"!"\ㄟ.  /  ─╯
 ╰─╯°~( )~~( )~°╰─╯ ☆ 
Hello my friend, your Blingee
Is Awesome and super Fabulous! 
 *Happy New Year to You! 2015*

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