Anything we have known, Anything we have forgotten, We stay friends forever.♥

Anything we have known, Anything we have forgotten, We stay friends forever.♥
ENGLISH: Hello Everybody ;P I made this blingee for all my friends (not all my circle) the most important for me ♥ Please don't think I made one for all of you because you aren't important for me, is just I didn't know if I'd have the time for make a blingee to each. I'm sorry about this but I hope you'll like every text I'm going to write about you all ♥ I love you so much ♥ I put all my heart in this ♥ FRENCH : Coucou tout le mondee ;P J'ai fait ce blingee pour tout mes amies (pas tout mon cercle) les plus important pour moi ♥ S'il vous plait ne pensez pas que j'en ai fait un pour vous tous parce que vous n'êtes pas important pour moi, c'est juste que je ne savais pas si j'aurais eu le temps pour vous en faire un à chacun. Je suis désolé pour ça mais j'éspère que vous allez aimer le texte que je suis entrain d'ecrire pour chacun de vous ♥ Je vous aime tant ♥ J'ai mis tout mon coeur pour ça ♥ /// ☻☺#BIANCA; I MISS YOU ♥ But You are my Best Friend forever ♥ Nothing can change it, I know it, cause we are close & strong ♥ I so admire you cause everyday & everymoment with me you can stand me xD :') You are so crazyy, and I am too, we are the perfect couple ;D I love our conversations, that make us funny for nothing x) I spent the best times of my life with you ♥ I am with you whatever happens ♥ Your chooses are mine ♥ You are the girl, that a girl wishes as a Best Friend ♥ So I'm the luckiest ♥ My life is with you ♥ I love you like nobody else can love someone in this world ♥ You own my heart ♥ My life is yours ♥ Te iubesc scumpa mea, Cea mai buna pentru totdeauna, esti perfecta ♥ You are my bestest friend ♥ CBies & PTz ♥// ☻☺#MARCEDES; You are my angel ♥ I love you sooooooooo much and I love all these crazy moments that I spent with you ♥ When we chat during hours and hours I don't see the time spending x) It means that you are a good good good friend of mine ♥ You are one my best friends :') I never ever wanna lose you little precious ♥ KPsiiis♥ I love you never forget it ♥ // ☻☺#ANA; Anaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♥ My lolipop that I wanna eat, My RoccckPrincess so cute ♥ You are so special, I think that's what I love you ♥ I love your cute personnality, and your funny ♥ I hope you know that I am ALWAYS & FOREVER here for you, cause You own a big place in my heart ♥ Ich Liebe Dich So Sehr, Du Bist Perfekt, Du Bist Die Beste {{Never forget}} ♥ // ☻☺#PAMELA; You, Are, The Only exception, You, are, The only exception ♪♥ This song is true ♥ Te Quiero mucho my Girl from Peru ♥ Eres mi amor, cause you are sooooooo sweet and so cool with me, I'd never forget all you did for me, you were and stay the perfect friend ♥ I wish you the best for your exams (': I love you my gorgeous, nwly ♥ TE AMO ♥ BCT ♥ // ☻☺#DALMY; I MISS YOU ALOT. I miss our last, & old conversations together, & I don't know when they will be back :( The thing I know is that I love you with all my heart and That is forever :') ♥ We are sis, like in true life ♥ You are just incredible and I love the feelings you make me feel when we talk ♥ Szeretlek ♥ Ilysssssssssssssssssss♥ ☻☺#PAOLINA; You are such, Unique ♥ I love you soooooo soo much my Italian girl :') Every minutes when I go shopping, when I buy shoes and when I see Italian-Ice cream x)), I think about you ♥ You are like my guide for shopping ;D I love to talk with you about nothing and everything ♥ Ti amo amore mio ♥ Sei Bellissimaaaaa ♥ I need you to live, I need you to breath ♥ Stay with me, if not I'd die ♥ You are the best P'Sis in all the world :') I love you soooo much ♥ ☻☺#CECI; K Tal ?? xD missed you sooo much, but yesterday we talked and that was soo fine ;) Wanna marry my Bro?? xD We'd be step sister *_____* Anyways you are my sister, heart's sister ♥ You are just crazyy and you laugh everytime, I love you so much and you make me always happy ♥ Thanks for being YOU ♥ Te Amoooooooooooooo ♥ ☻☺#MEGGY; Tu.Me.Manques ♥ Tellement D: J'ai besoin de toiiii ♥ J'ai envie de te parler comme on faisait avant :3 & J'éspère que se sera possible ♥♥ Je sais seulement que je t'aime de tout mon coeur, && Que tu fais partie de ma vie quoi qu'il arrive ♥ Je t'ai aimé, Je t'aime, Je t'aimerais pour toujours ♥ tu es ma Glee.Sis ;P ♥ Toi&Moi Pour toujoursss ♥ I love you ♥ ☻☺#VERI; Miss you, Miss you Miss you Miss you Miss you Miss you Miss you ! ♥ But Love you Love you Love you Love you Love you Love you Love you Love you Love you Love you Love youuuu ♥ Yeah I love you cause you are just awesome, and you are funny ;D {& alot of mooooree} I'd never ever forget you, your name is engraved in my mind ♥ ILD♥ ☻☺#EVA; Tu es un angeeeeeeeeeee ♥ Tu me manques enormement et plus que tout ♥ J'oublierais jamais, tout nos délires et nos trucs trop cons x) My MaaFiGirl Forever xD Je t'aime Plus que tout au monde, et je ne t'oublie pas, meme si tu es rarement connecté, je t'aime & Je penses à toi ♥ Tu es Moi ♥ ☻☺#MARIA(SELENALOVERFAN); Hey baby ♥ I just wanna tell you, that you are just so special, and I'll always love you ♥ Don't think you annoy cause oppositly, you help me to live better :') ♥ I always think about you, and I'll be always there for you, again & still ♥ You've got me ♥ Te amo muchooooo my sis forever ♥ You are mine ♥ ☻☺#LALI; Of course I don't forget you, & sorry if I didn't put you up ♥ You are my kitty and my Italench girl forever ♥ I need you ♥ I love our conversations about our husbands x) You are sooooooooooo perfect to me ♥ You are like my little treasure ♥ I'm on love with you ♥ Just, sei troppo bella ♥ Ti amo Tanto tanto my crazy girl ♥ ☻☺#MARIA(LADIVINA21); I love you so much, you are just funny and Incredible ♥ I can't describe so much how much I love you, But anyway I know it's crazy how much :') ♥ You are in my heart babyyyy ♥ ☻☺#ALLI; I just miss our last last last true conversations :( You said you changed, maybe but, Anyway I'll love you forever in everyway ♥ Never forget it you are really important for me, I love you ♥ ☻☺#LEA; Tu me manques tellement ma chérie, ca doit faire plus de 4mois qu'on ne se parle plus, j'éspère que tu sais que je penses à toi quoi qu'il en soit, mon BACNK d'amouuuur Je t'aime ♥ ☻☺#LEILA; En quelques mots : Tu me manques, Je t'aime, & Je ne t'oublie pas :') ♥ ☻☺#ELISA; I don't know where you are D: You never talk me... I hate it but anyways I can't stop loving you ♥ ☻☺#ALINA;MINA;ALESSIA; I just took 2minutes more for all of you, just I don't forget you, you are always & still in my heart, i just wait your come back, I miss you guys ♥ :(. // WELL SORRY FOR THE END. I DIDNT HAVE STILL INSPIRATION, I LOVE YOU ALL AND I HOPE YOU LIKE IT ♥ IT TOOK 1hour for :3 , Love, Pau ♥
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vanessa123vane dice:

hace 3693 días
♥To my Prof,Favs&HEART♥♥Forever;**
~Te iubesc scumpa mea;**
~Esti cea mai bunaa din lume♥♥;))
~Te ador;**{Je t'adore♥♥}

vanessa123vane dice:

hace 3693 días
U're like my Big Special Sister I never had♥♥U're my exemple;**U're my Crazzy Barbiie && MY Purplle Twiin Like u say...whatever happens♥♥I'm the luckiest to know u;**U're a DREAM♥♥U're the BEST FRIEND everyone want♥♥U're with me in the good and bad moments&U're a real friend♥;*..&& It's imposible to be mad when I'm talking to you♥U're Incredible;**
Thank you so much My rainbow for evrything♥♥
{All the stars in the world for this msasterpiece♥}

vanessa123vane dice:

hace 3693 días
Oh My God!!♥♥
I can't breath anymore;)
This is THE MOST STUNNING blingee I EVER seen♥♥
Thank you so so much sweety;**
U can do the BEST blingees because U are the BESTEST in the whole UNIVERSE♥♥
U're my Precious BFF for LIFEE♥
U're my Angel;*Without u I can die...But with u nothing bad can happen♥;)U make me smile everytime u write me something♥;**&& When U made SO Wonderful blingees for me I feel like I'm in heaven♥♥I never wanna lose U my EVERTHING♥

minimeggy15 dice:

hace 3709 días
awn baby<3
merci, merci pr touss<3
tu es magnifique, & tu me manque aussi :(
tu sais quoi? je te promet que on va parler autant que tu veux de koi tu veux tres bientot, very soon baby<3 i promise my baby glee.sis<3
& le blingee, WOOOW<3 nicki & katy, mes 2 queens<333 je taimee<3

ladivina21 dice:

hace 3710 días
awwww!! o.o
I want to kill you? mother!
that description more beautiful, more amazing, cool :) hehe, I love you more than anything in the world <33
I love you my life are the best in the world worth?
I love beautiful ^ ^
5 *
you're my best friend :)

xVerilein dice:

hace 3712 días
This blingee is so:
-&& much moooooooooooore. :3
and it's PINK! :D (my fave color.*-*)
U'r my shawty! ^^ u'r my lovely N64 Sis, and my fave bad cook. xD

I hope we talk more soon! (:
because I really love & miss u (very much :*) & i'd never lose u!
u'r so important to me.

xVerilein dice:

hace 3712 días
We really could be like Katy & Nicki on the blingee. :3
because we're together this things:
-helpfully to eachother ones
-we can tell eachother all secrets! :3

& sooooooooooooooo much moreeeee. :p
In Faves & 5* of course,
but it deserves a lot more. (;
It's a masterpiece like u! ^^

selenaloverfan dice:

hace 3712 días
You made me cry with tears of joy :')
Omg U got me ;D
Te amo my hermanita TE AMO!!!!
Tu eres hermosa y espectacular {Remember}
Ill always be there for U No matter what!
And If U cry Ill cry with U and Punch the person who made U cry x)
The point is Ill always be there for U, Ill never forget U and Ill always love U!!
Remember that! ;D
Btw I LOVEEEEE This Amazing blingee
This is just...PERFECT!
Just like U Pau! ;D

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