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xD This is one of my favourite characters drawn by awesome brother xD He's creating characters for a video game as a course in college! This is just one of his amazing drawings! Name: Luna Eldritch Species: Aerthean Occupation: Darklight (Accepted at 10 years or more) Bio: The eldritch bloodline dates back to the founding of the Darklight, and whilst they are not a founding family, they are some of the most powerful allies due to their unique style of magic. The Eldritch Family have a connection to Umbra and its arcane residents. Umbra is the arcane plane of darkness, and whenever a member of the Eldritch Family reaches the age of 13, they venture into Umbra to search for one of these shadow beings willing to become an Eldritch arcane partner. When the partnership is formed, the family member losing themselves as a catalyst, is able to manifest Umbra’s shadow magic’s, whilst the Arcane Spirit is able to interact with the mortal plane, with the degree of interaction being controlled by the Eldritch to avoid the spirit taking control and going berserk. An Umbra being’s shadow powers are usually seen being used in dark magic; however, Luna uses her shadow power for light magic, healing in particular. Luna Eldritch was accepted onto Dark Light at the age of 10 and began to train as a healer. A year later, Luna first met Ren after he was recruited and both have been close friends ever since. At the age of 13, Luna entered Umbra in order to form an Arcane Partnership. She succeeded, and formed the partnership with the shadow spirit ‘Nyarl’. Nyarl, whilst slightly miffed that his shadow powers are being used to heal instead of destroy, understands the reasons of Luna’s choice. And because of the contract, settles with messing Luna, ranging from criticizing her actions around people, and lightly toying with her emotions. Luna has the perfect personality for a healer. She is extremely kind and caring, in stark contrast to Nyarl’s cynical nature and wise-cracking tendencies. She is an optimistic, idealistic young woman. She is a little shy and has a heart tendency to become slightly flustered whenever she and Ren are in a situation of any kind.
creado por: angela3747

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hace 3821 días
BTW u betta of had shwd me dis b4 dese blingee lot looooooooooool

Rikku74 dice:

hace 3868 días
AWESOME! Tell him I say he is an artist!!!! And of course you are too <33333 8D

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☆★☆★☆ 5 STARS ★☆★☆★☆

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nice hey check out my blingee"s

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very beautiful drawing!! :D

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fantastic 5*☺♥☺

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OMG awesome drawing!!

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great drawing! ^^

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