~ иєνєя נυ∂gє α вσσк ву ιт'ѕ ¢σνєя! [тєαм νινι ѕтσяу://νινι'ѕ ρσν] ~

~ иєνєя נυ∂gє α вσσк ву ιт'ѕ ¢σνєя! [тєαм νινι ѕтσяу://νινι'ѕ ρσν] ~
It was 1:57, Friday. Almost time to get out of school. Wow was time going slow, I just wanted to grab the clock & shake it. I layed my head on the desk. I guess you can say I'm pretty impatient. I mean, I'm not THAT impatient, but I'm certainly impatient when it comes to getting out of school, & getting TO school. And today I have to admit was VERY boring. Well, school is always boring for me, except recess & stuff. But you know that. The ending subject we were doing for today was Math, the hardest subject ever that always makes me mad on a school day, atleast for me. Ughh! We weren't even learning anything. He was just explaining the homework, then went on talking about his new boyfriend. Earth to Garrison, that's not even Math! Tick..Tock..Tick..Tock..Suddenly, the bell rang. Inturrupting Mr. Garrison talking about how sexy his boyfriend is. I quickly got out of my seat, the first to get up, & packed up fast. I forgot about that dumb rule: ''Bell doesn't excuse you, teacher excuses you to get out of class.'' So, you must of figured it out. I was the last to get out of class :(. He made me sit back on my seat as the others went. Fran & Cartman teased me by doing that out class, in class thing. Kyle quickly pushed Cartman out annoyed. & Fran continued to tease me. Ughh! If it's anything that makes me get as mad as Kyle is Fran, sometimes atleast. Mr. G then shouted at Fran, ''GET THE HELL OUT FRAN!'' Fran got startled, then quickly left. I snickered & got up. I quickly left class. I was about to say bye to Mr. G when he stopped me & yelled at me to leave. You know, it's weird how he hates me. Well, I guess it isn't that weird..I guess he started hating me after that 'Show n Tell' project. I bought my kitten, ''Fluffin' Puff'' to school. He is a very fussy cat, he only likes me & hates everyone else. He also ruins alot of things like hats by scratching & stuff on it. He is very playful, recently he's been lazy because I overfed him one time by taking Cartman's advice. Note to self: Never take his advice. Oh, right back to the story. I thought Fluffin' wasn't so fussy anymore, I guess not. I let Mr. G pet him, & bam. Fluffin' attacked the hell out of him, even went in his pants & attacked him down there. Crazy stuff I'd say..So, Mr. Garrison hated me ever since that happened. & my cat. I tried gaining Mr. G's friendship but no, never worked. What sucks even more is I had to get that ''smell'' out of Fluffin'. I feel so bad for that lil' puffball. Anyway, I chased after the guys, I wanted to hang out with them today. I gasped, Awesome! they were riding their bikes today. Helmets on & everything, I decided to join them, when... ''Hey guys! Can I join you on riding bikes?'' I smiled & said. Stan scratched his head, I heard him mutter out something like, ''Ooh how do I tell this to her..'' Yeah, I hear really good. I was confused. Cartman then spoke up. ''No! We're gonna play against the 5th graders in a race, & the rules say no girls allowed! it can get rough, espically a little thing like you.'' Cartman grinned. I frowned. ''I'm not short! I'm just..taller than you guys, it's kinda like you shrunk.'' The rolled their eyes. ''I can dress up as a boy again, I really wanna play there! sounds fun..'' Kyle shook his head. ''Oh no! remember the LAST TIME?'' Oh, the last time.. What a mess that was. Not only did Fran want to kiss the hell out of me for looking so cute as a boy, but also every guy picked on me & messed with me so much, I beat one of the bullie's leader's up, making them gang up on me & they were gonna kill me. Luckily my friends were able to save me. Haha, the best part I admit was when Fran kissed me & found out it was me, her face expression was so funny! But it was gross too.. took forever to get Fran cooties off my lips. ''Yeah you're right..But, can't you guys talk them out of that rule?'' They shook their heads. ''Doesn't work that way Vi, They really are tough. Better let us handle them..sorry.'' Kyle kissed my cheek. That didn't help though. ''This is so unfair..'' I said. Stan's watch beeped. ''C'mon guys we're gonna be late!'' They got on their bikes. ''What am I gonna do then? everyone seems so busy today..'' Kyle thought for a sec with Stan, ''Oh! the girls.'' ''The girls? oh riiight!'' Stan said. ''They don't seem too busy, hang out with them. Maybe they aren't so gossipy & stereotype girly as you think.'' I sighed. ''Vivi, don't judge a book by it's cover, I'm sure they are very nice. You hang out with Wendy sometimes you know! she isn't anything like that!'' Kyle said. ''But..Broflovski..That's when she's with me she's different! With the girls at school she seems..just like them.'' Kyle sighed. Cartman groaned. ''JUST HANG OUT WITH THEM!! THAT'S A DARE! Now go!! I'm sure they are hiding secrets anyway, maybe they like some guyish stuff too! you might have stuff in common w/ them aswell!'' Okay, maybe Cartman is right, & Kyle. I should hang out with them..I have nothing better to do & I kinda miss hanging out with Wendy. And I'm always willing to take a dare. ''Okay okay, Y-You're right..Go have fun I guess, be careful.'' I played with my short hair. Why it short? long story, caught a disease, got a really stupid cure for it. It grows back fast, but I want it to hurry up. I miss having my long hair, having the longest in class, now it's the shortest & I miss making cool hairstyles with it. Oh well. The boys went off, waving to me. I waved back, Then I turned my head to the girls near the tables near some 'in and out' place. Drinking soda & chatting. One almost spit her soda out loling so hard, The girls giggled harder. I sighed. Accually, some reason I was nervous. What if they don't like me for being a tomboy? What if they treat me differently? even Wendy near those girls.. I sucked it in. A dare is a dare. I went over to their table & said my hello's. Wendy smiled, fixing her hat. ''Vivi, I'm surprised you're saying hello to us. Come, sit. What's up?'' Wow, this was easy. I thought they would stay in scilence & quietly mutter to eachother why I'm over here. Probably because I'm not a guy. Ruby, a girl with orange hair in short pigtails spoke up. ''Vivi the tomboy? What are you doing here? I'm surprised you're not hanging out with the guys..'' ''Or your boyfriend, Kyle.'' Red said smirking. Ah, Red & Ruby. I remember being friends with them like it was yesturday. In third grade, Ruby was my study-buddy for some stupid class that I didn't want to be in, uh..sounded like a anti-men class. Weird..Why would the school allow that? And Red, Me & her traded lives. We decided to dress up as eachother. It was from a dare. One day Kyle kissed Red, thinking it was me. Red talked about it for weeks, I was shocked hearing it, But I got over it soon. I was happy Red thought my life is exciting, hehe. Anyway, I sat with them. ''Eh, The boys went somewhere that couldn't have girls along, so I got bored & decided to hang out with you guys--girls. I hope you don't mind..'' Wendy nodded her head. ''Are you kidding? not at all! I'm glad you're here, we needed someone new to talk to! so, anything new in life?'' ''Well--'' Ruby inturrupted. ''Hey, let's talk about your relationship Vivi! So, hows your relationship with Kyle doing?'' Bebe grinned. ''How many times have you..you know.'' She started doing funny kissy sounds. Real mature, I thought. I rolled my eyes blushing. We are 9 though, what do you expect? ''That's personal!'' I protested, I was flushed. I'm surprised they want to know how my relationship is.. Wendy sighed. ''Girls, GIRLS! It's our GIRL-TIME. We shouldn't be talking about relationships, or boys or anything like that!..hey..let's go to the mall!'' ''Yeah I'm sure Vivi never stepped foot in there!'' Bebe said, laughing. I blushed & crossed my arms. ''I go there, for like, clothes for school day! or the arcade & toys..'' Wendy smiled. ''And you enjoyed going there right? C'mon, let's go there together. Have some fun!'' Wendy said. Ehhhhh I don't know. Clothes shopping & stuff is pretty boring..Oh, I'm being negative, maybe it won't be TOO bad..Then again.. ''Vivi, are you coming?'' I sighed. ''Er..I'm not sure. I would like to go to the places I wanna go, not trying to sound bossy or anything. I just don't want to be incrediblely girly & stuff'' ''What? oh we'll all go places we wanna go, together! Hey, I have an idea, let's all do stuff differently this time. Vivi, I wanna show you some girl stuff & you can show us some boy stuff we'll like.'' Afew girls were confused. I smiled, perfect idea imo. I got up smiling. ''Well what are we waiting for, let's go!''--We got to the mall, Wendy is so smart! The plan went perfectly. I accually enjoyed half the stuff she made me try on, the makeup, the jewelry, it isn't useless at all. Accually, it made me feel prettier than ever.But my favorite part was when I showed them all the fun guy stuff that girl's can like aswell. They liked some of it, like the video games & stuff, comics, you name it. Then we went to music shops, or pet shops, hell even food shops, we tasted some samples of foods, tasted really good. We got hungry after afew & decided to go eat something in the mall. We sat to a table, & ate our lunch. I'm glad they didn't mind me blabbering away on afew subjects like how fun today is, And they even think I'm funny! The boys don't think I'm funny, they say girls aren't funny, well thy are serioooously wrong. They love my fun, smart personality. And I love theirs. It was almost time to go home, so the girls decided to go in a photo booth & take a picture. I was busy listening to music & playing with a puppy. I didn't hear them shouting, ''Vivi! hurry! get in the photo booth, quick!'' Suddenly a man tapped on my shoulder, pointed at my friends telling me to run over, & I did. I quickly got inside, I didn't smile in the picture, no. I didn't know what to do, Ws it suppose to be a silly picture? or a normal pic? So I decided to just be me, & do a peace sign! Yes, the perfect picture to a perfect day. Except for Bebe, I kinda squished into her while running in the photo booth xD.
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