I knew leaving you would be hard, but what you did made it easy.

I knew leaving you would be hard, but what you did made it easy.
Little, semi-dramatic story of Carrie and Shane and why the broke up / Carrie walked on the curved sidewalk of her boyfriends street, as she got closer she picked up her pace. She and her boyfriend, Shane, have been dating for a little over a week and were already deeply in love with eachother. It was like they were inseperable. As Carrie was just a few meters away from his house, she was practically running, but also skipping with joy to see him. She stumbled, and decided to walk normally, she didn't want to see her boyfriend with a huge cut or bruise on her face. She walked up his driveway, and up onto the path that led to his houses front door. She rang the doorbell twice, and Shane's mother answered. Shane's parents liked Carrie, she wasn't some kind of rebel punk chick which was the kind of girl Shane usually dated. Shane's mother smiled at her, "Hello Carrie, nice to see you again." she said. Shane looked almost exactly like his mother, same naturally tan skin, dark hair, etc. (A/N His moms got native american in her but his dad doesn't) Carrie smiled back at her, "Nice to see you again, too, Mrs. Knapp. Can I come in?" she asked. Mrs. Knapp was also the language teacher at the elementary school. "I don't know," she grinned, "Can you?" Carrie chuckled while stepping inside and slipping of her shoes. "May I come in? Even though I'm already in?" Mrs. Knapp laughed. "Shane's up in his room, you're the first girl hes actually tried to impress by cleaning that monstrosoty he calls a room." She said. Carrie laughed and walked into the living room, where Mr. Knapp was watching TV. She waved to him and he smiled and waved back to her, and she dashed up the stairs eagerly and turned towards his room. The door was closed, but she could hear noises coming from it. She slightly opened it as quiet as she could be, and saw him vaccuming. She looked around and saw no dirty clothes on the floor, his bed was made, and everything just sitting around was put away. The sound of the vaccum was already too loud, so she snuck up on him. Carrie walked behind him while his back was turned, and hopped up onto his back, hugging him tightly. Shane jumped, but then realized it was her. He turned the vaccum of and chuckled. Carrie got off of his back and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him on the cheek. "Nice job on your room." she complimented. Shane shook his head, "Yeah, but you should see it when my mom cleans it. It looks like a whole different room." he chuckled. Carrie smiled and jumped onto his bed. "So," she said, "Where do you wanna go today? How 'bout a little celebration? Tomorrow is my last day of freshman year, and your last of sophmore year." He sat down on his bed next to her, "Yeah, can't believe I already managed to survive two years of high school without becoming a homicidal maniac." he chuckled. "How about ice cream? I haven't had any in awhile, plus its prefect for a summer day like this, I'll buy." Carrie said. Carrie had just gotten a job at the grocery store, and more money than she needed, plus she felt guilty, Shane bought her lots of stuff. They walked to East Coast Custard, a ice cream store/stand where you can eat your ice cream outside of the store. Once they got their ice cream and Carrie paid, they went to their seats. After a few minutes of eating, Carrie sighed and set the spoon she ate her ice cream with in the cup that held her ice cream. "Shane," she began, swallowing her ice cream so her could understand her, "I got something to tell you..." Shane looked up, hoping that it wasn't entirely bad news. "I'm moving." she said. "Oh..." Shane said, "Well, you're already pretty far away from my house-" "No," Carrie cut him off, "Y'know my great aunt Renee passed away a couple days ago, right?" Shane nodded. "Well, she owned a beach house...in Los Angelas...and she left the beach house in her will to me, my mom, and Chris. She also left a couple million dollars to pay for bills, and since we can't afford to live in the house we own now, we're moving to LA..." Shane gulped his ice cream, almost choking on it. He tried not to overreact about it, so acted as if he was calm and cool with it. Carrie was angered by this, she thought he didn't even care. "Well?!" she rose her voice, "Don't you even care about me?" Shane tried to say something, but his mouth was full of ice cream. "You don't even have anything to say?!" Carrie shouted, luckily nobody was at East Coast besides them. Carrie jumped out of her seat, "You don't even care about me, do you?!" Shane accidently shook his head no, when he meant to say yes. But he became angered with Carrie. He said back, "You know, I don't care if you leave. You're just doing this because you don't believe me, I seriously love you, and I would die if you left. You shouldn't even have to ask if I'll miss you, or whatever. So if you don't believe me when I say I love you, I guess I don't love you." he walked away as Carrie stood alone, heartbroken. / I got a little serious while writing this XD

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Rikku74 dice:

hace 4093 días
Sweet and excellent story :)

Sonic2223 dice:

hace 4094 días
So sad... D: This is why I never bring people for ice-cream, it takes them awhile to respond because they're choking on ice-cream. XDDD jk, This blingee is so prettyful! >3< +5! ^^

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