The One Mistake That caused everything (pt6)

The One Mistake That caused everything (pt6)
Its story time :D Part 6 ///{17,933 years ago}Moonlight:*Playing in the snow & Giggling* {btw moonlight was 4 years old}Deomn:*Throws a snowball*Ha!Gotcha :D {Demon was 15 years old} Zon:*Throws one @ demon & Kyle*Haha Got both of u >:D {Zon was 12}Kyle:Hey *Laughs* {Kyle was 10} Surge:*Throws one @ demon* I got ya >:D (He was 10 years old)Moonlight:Haha :D *Hugs all of them*I love each & every one of you *Smiles* Demon:Yeah lil sis*Smiles*Hey lets play hide & Seek Moonlight:Yay!I love that game :D *Hides* Kyle,Zon & Surge:*Hides* Demon:Counts & Finds All of the boys8hey wheres Moonlight??? Kyle:Idk Surge&Zon:Niether do we know Demon:Well star looking its almost time to go in *6 hours later* Demon:MOM!DAD!MOONLIGHTS MISSING!!! Chris&Lindsay:What!? Demon:We looked everywhere Chirs:Get your cousins & Brothers We need to find her! Lindsey:My Poor Baby Girl Where could she be?! Demon:*Goes looks for cousins* *Meanwhile* Moonlight:*in the snow shivering & Cold & Crying*MOM!DAD!DEMON!KYLE!ZON!SURGE!*Sobs* Mystery:*Walks by* Moonlight:*struggles to get up & Crys alittle* Mystery:Hmmm *Sees her* Oh you poor thing what are u doing out in the cold?*Picks her up & Wraps a blanket around her*Its alright I'm gonna take you home with me until we find ur place okay Moonlight:*Asleep* Mystery:Okay *Walks to his house*///(With Family)Kyle:*tries to find her scen & sighs*Nothin Shamix:Same here *Whines* James:I found no sign Demon:*Runs around*Nothin.... Surge:I flew everywhere i didn't find her.... Flash:Where could she be??? *Senese somthin*Vampire hunters!/Every1:*Runs away* //Mystery:We're here *Opens the door* Moonlight:8Wakes up & Sees 2 boys & a girl* Mystery:*Puts her down*I'll get u some hot chocolate *Goes in the kitchen* Moonlight:.... Die:*Stares at her & Tocuhs her skin*Woah ur freezing cold,Come on we have a fire place *Leads her to the fireplace*Moonlight:T-Thank you Die:Np *Smiles* I'm Die & These are my brothers Dynamite & Dark / Dynamite&Dark:Hi ^^ Moonlight:Hi I'm moonlight *Smiles*Dark:Its a pretty name for a pretty girl *Blushes*{Hes 7) Dynamite:So why are so cold? Moonlight:Tries to remeber*Idk....I really don't *Treis hard & passes out* Dark:O.O *Catchs her b4 she hits the floor*Take it easy Dynamite:Yeah *Hugs her* Die:*Hugs her too* Dark:*Hugs her aswell* Moonlight:Thnks *Smiles* Mystery:*Comes back with hot coaco*Here you go *Gives it to her* Moonlight:Thnk you*Drinks some* Dark:*Yawns* I'm going to bed U want to come Moonlight?Its warm Moonlight:Yeah if its alright Dark:Its alright come on *Takes her hand* Moonlight:*Jewel glows & Goes with him upstairs* Dark:*open the door * Heres my room Moonlight:Wow its huge & the bed Dark:*Goes in bed *Yeah Come on Moonlight:*Gets in bed & underneath the covers*Dark:Good night *Hugs her* Moonlight:Good night dark *Falls alseep*//Demon:*Jewel glows*Shes close Surge:Demon!We need to go back its not safe in a snowstorm Demon:Your right Lets head back tmrw we'll look somemore Everey1:*Nods & Goes back* Demon:I'll never stop Look sis *Flash back* Demon:*Hugs her tight*I'll never let you go nor will i let anything hurt u sis Moonlight:Promise? Demon:..Promise *Hugs her & Kisses her forehead* Moonlight:I Love U Demon *Hugs back*(Flashback ends)Demon:I promised & i'll keep my promise no matter wat it costs ///(Part 7 soon to come & I made this with a base :D)
creado por: Sonamy4ever

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jodyan dice:

hace 3844 días
magnifiqueeeeeee !!!!

chrisy62 dice:

hace 3845 días
Great blingee ♥.Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄❉•.Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄•❉.Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄.♥ :)

naomi6246 dice:

hace 3845 días
Ikr??X3 X3

Soulangel11 dice:

hace 3845 días
Wow this is so cute! 

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