Mind Control:Electronic Harrassment Part 2

Mind Control:Electronic Harrassment Part 2
I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother passing away. How'd she die? I hope that you don't feel like she didn't get the medical attention she needed because of you. I know how that feels. My stepparent of almost 20 years needs surgery and she was told her has lumps in her chest and she keeps getting these 20 mintue check up's to see another doctor. I'm afraid of losing my step parent mainly because it'll change my mom forever. I feel bad but, if she dies, I will slander the hospital she goes to. My grandmother voleenters for The U Of Louisville and they give the "pinnacle of service" so the main doctor says who helped my grandmother. The governor of Kentucky's wife was in my grandmother's face along with camera's including the news crew from Couriel Journal who I wrote begging for help and one woman (who I plan to look up and blast) emailed me saying "I'm sorry, I can't help you...call the police", so I did and they came to my home three times and didn't listen to me for a minute. The police officer who was a woman and came to my home twice, talked to my land lord longer each time. One time, she even looked back like a scum ass bitch to see if I saw her go into Hilda's office. My grandmother and my 7 year old cousin, Shyla have nightmare's. They talk about them, this is why I know. My grandmother had a Sunday morning program on WGCI, voleentered for Obama before she got cancer, Michelle and Obama even went to church (First Church Of Deliverence) with her. She worked for Jessie Jackson 10 years and also did work with Farakuan. I mention this because you'd think that it would stop the governement from attacking me but, it didn't. I have heard voices for about 2 years and I have been virtually raped in my home and in public. I read an old journal entry saying "my daddy never turned into a monster" meaning, he never molested me and since then I have had dreams of being a little girl and been molested by my father. The dreams FELT so real, I remember the feeling of having my father inside me. I know what his private part looks like and I can recall everything in my dreams. When I wrote about them in my journal, I was insulted online and in class. This made me feel like the guys in my class were the one's fucking me but using my daddy's body and I couldn't control anything. Afterwards, I began to think my daddy died and went to hell and he was a demon and couldn't help what he was doing. I began to think "what if he hurt me and I don't remember"? I had to remember my childhood and remember when I would be pushy with him and talk back. He never hit me or told my mom and he was over protective. I felt like someone was fingering me when I was virtually raped and I felt it from the front and back and I also felt punches in my face and like I was being choked. Their technology is so advanced...they can moniter your thoughts and follow you around all day and everyday. They can see what's written in your journal and put it online for everyone else to see. What I wrote in my journal was talked about in class by people who were paid to gang stalk me. The people who were paid to gang stalk me knew what I did in my home. And I also know that when other people hear voice's, if they don't understand what's going on, they can say words to you that make you feel like they are an undercover spy. All this happened because I was violated on my job at the galt house, kool smiles and norton's hospital. they stole my money (every company except Norton's) and when i got to kool smiles and norton...everyone knew me, made my work environment hostile and they changed my work, monitered and read my emails...when i tried to get help...those psycho's at kool smiles fired me and they messed up my pay check and changed my social so i wouldnt get paid of taxes. these company's have done so much....including the company i work for now....norton's...they have access to what i write in my journal...the manager reacted everytime i wrote in my journal and shes tried to fire me so many times....she has now left the hospital i work in and i can only hope i ruined her reputation with her workers because, because of her...they look so ungodly...my heart is in denial about how much involvment people had....like, i think everyone knew i was being exploted and they thought it was a joke or i was crazy for making such claims...now, i have the video's...i have MORE than enough evidence and my rage says....i am the best fucking lawyer for myself. no one helped me but i fought for myself and i did it all alone...mostly...thank God for the people on youtube and...youtube even rocks....or they can't stop the people who rock. and God rocks because He is the only one who listened to me. Blue Beam can not take the most important thing in my life anyway from me. They can kill my family, but they can't kill their soul. They are being exposed everyday and I am not the only victim. There are so many more people, its just that their profiles don't reflect what they've been through. BIG MISTAKE....how will people who about these projects if victims don't speak out? There is a video of a man who is a targeted individual who's children are being attacked while they sleep. Its on camera, on youtube so if you think that I am lying about my father molesting me in my dreams because of the technology and witch craft monarch and blue bea, uses, than thank God you don't understand what's I've been through. Its hard being an adult and being virtually raped because I couldn't help myself and I TOLD people what I was going through and they didn't help me. I have been told "I fucked you last night" and "I fucked your mother, too". there were times I was virtually attacked and the force of it made me start my period and I heard voice's enforcing what my fears were. the government did all this to me because I filed a lawsuit against the Galt house. I dropped the lawsuit in april of 2008 because it drained me and I was still stalked, psychologically tormented and watched. I went to Kool smiles in July of 2008 and the women knew me, made fun of me and they even knew about my fears of myspace because I told two of them what I had been through. My manager Tamry cundiff knew about my past because she had access to my email's and she didn't care about tormenting more. When my face felt sore like I was being punched, I said nothing. She came up to me and said "your head is hurting...gee, I wonder why"...and I imagined she was a fairy and could punch a wall and I would feel it. This is the most evil woman I have ever met in my life. I thought Rebecca Bryant was a monster. Tambry enjoyed tormenting me. It was all over her face. I can't say that about other people who work in Kool Smiles. There was another woman in ATL who worked in KS and her name is Crytal Melvin and she actually has a daughter. So does Tambry but, she's grown. A lot of these assistant's and doctor's have children. Molly Ellis has a daughter also. These people have made me so aware of the fact that people can be psycho's. People who don't look like they are sociopath's. This has made me look at beautiful women like "wait...you could be pervert...or all of the above". This has ruined my life on a trust level. I hate people. I can not believe that I lost everyone I knew...my childhood friend's were on myspace thinking this is a fun game. Everyone secretly hated me and still..I am in denial thinking "they didn't know it went this far". I believe will all my heart that these people are hell bound. I can't type years and years of evidence but, I will high light what blue beam and monarch projects can do. I am paying for the internet to inform people. I am not getting paid to do this. no one could pay me to ruin a family or the bond between the father and little girl. no one could make me shut up because i would think "they'll hurt another woman the way they hurt me".
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aliceiris711 dice:

hace 4674 días
I think that one of the worst things in life is meeting someone who you feel like is the devils advocate or has a demon roaming in them. I didnt know what the definition of sociopath was before this. The people who allow this are assisting children and people. And you would never think that someone who went to school to be a doctor would stoop this low but, there is a show called Snapped on Oxygen. I am not crazy, I am beyond hurt. I am finally angry but ill be fine

mzselinakyle dice:

hace 4674 días
I just cant get to into it Ill cry.
BUT if others look UP sociopath they would see sociopaths have the ABILITY to not feel empathy. That causes in them more evil (its freeing to not feel pain of those you hurt for your own gain) ALSO they're always well loved. My ex was a sociopath emotional abuser w NPD too. All 3 of those are an inability to feel empathy. However he was well respected 2 until he started to Yell or act king of all Knowledge. My father said he dont doubt the ex was a demon lol

aliceiris711 dice:

hace 4676 días
Over the summer, I commented a friend on this site about her reply to a picture of mine. Its the Some People Change picture of me giving the middle finger and a spider is crawling on my hand. She mentioned killer spider's and I told her I needed one to kill a stalker. Within a night and day, I had a huge mark on my face which looked like a bug bite. It was swollen and I had a black eye. I also had three marks on my hand which was swollen, too. Everything online says online, right? 

aliceiris711 dice:

hace 4677 días
Protect Your Children: Watch This To Protect Your Family!!!


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