Tammy Warner & Kenneth Mcormick

Tammy Warner & Kenneth Mcormick
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I'll have to write a Fanfic for this later! i love this couple! my fav Kenny South Park couple, they are both poor & perverts xD ---------------------------------------------- Tammy: OMG OMG OMG!! JONAS BROTHERS!!! OMG OMG *starts crieing & gets up in seat & starts dancing crying* JONAS BROTHERS!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 Kenny: W-Woah >///< Tammy: This is so sudden Kenny! already our 3rd date & its to a concert with my fav band! oh i love you! *hugs Kenny* Kenny: *grins* So how about that T.G.I Fridays thing? Tammy: Oh look Kenn! they have us on the big camera! it has a heart on us or something! oh whatever lets just kiss on that big camera! *kisses Kenny* Kenny: *////////////////////////* Tammy: *giggles & continues watching band snuggleing near Kenny* Kenny: *u* Jonas B.: BABAAAH! Kenny: (f*ck, hate them with a passion, but if it makes my girlfriend happy..& get a b**job near T.G.I Friday, then i will make myself love JB!) Tammy: Just so you know Kenn, i dont just love you because you took me to this awesome concert, i love you because you are the most nice & funny & cutest guy i ever met! & i thought you were poor! *kisses him again* Kenny: Well you know xP JB: Now heres some Purity Rings! because we want you to stay healthy & stuff till you are married to have s*x! its our gift for you for going to this concert! yaaay! Tammy: Omg yes yes! *sniffle* lets both wear them Kenny! togther(= Kenny: ...............F*CK! *says it muffled in parka*
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