//ѕнσω мє тнє ρℓα¢є ωнєяє уσυ ¢σмє fяσм & кιѕѕ мє уσυ'яє тняєє ιи¢нєѕ fяσм му ℓιρѕ...вαвє..σн вαвє..♥//

//ѕнσω мє тнє ρℓα¢є ωнєяє уσυ ¢σмє fяσм & кιѕѕ мє уσυ'яє тняєє ιи¢нєѕ fяσм му ℓιρѕ...вαвє..σн вαвє..♥//
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*Cartman knocks Kyle over to Bebe, & Kyle accidently kisses BeBe* Bebe: *blushes surprised & enjoys kiss & kissing for a-long time, Kyle in shock* Vivi: *Knocks on Kyle's door* Hey man you wanted to play v---*gasp* ...What... is going on... *falls on knees* Bebe: *Stops kissing* Oh V-Vivi! Kyle: Vivi! its not what you think!! Vivi: ...I think i know what i think Kyle!... *sigh* Why did you k-kiss her *crying* i thought... i thought you had a crush ON ME!! Kyle: *runs to her on floor* I do i swear! *sigh* it was Cartman's fault i swear! he just--- Vivi: No Broflovski, dont blame it on him! ...i dont even know what to say to you! *gets up sobbing* even if it was a accident, you did't push away!.. you enjoyed it!!... well if you did, you can forget about dating me you... YOU.. YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!!!! *runs off crying* Cartman & Stan: Woah.. Kyle: *sits on floor & sighs* I can't deal with this love crap anymore! *looks down* Vivi is probably NEVER gonna forgive me anyways! whats the point? Stan: ...Well Kyle, you should get your girl back.. i mean, shes perfect for you, sometimes, sometimes not. But hey, i think you love her more then a crush, if you know what i mean *wink* Kyle: *looks down* ..Maybe you're right Stan.. i'll try my best to get her...I mean, shes amazing!... i can't let her go! *runs after her in alot of snow & barly can see her* *running in snow alone trying to find Vivi* *yells out* ELIZABETH!... VIVI!!!!! PLEASE TALK TO ME PLEASE!! *worried* I hope shes not lost... poor Vivi... *lays on floor* I'll never find her... dammit Stan... just damn... Vivi: *walks up to him & has the hiccups from crying* What do YOU want? get off the floor, its freezeing i bet! Kyle: *sigh* i dont care anymo-- wait Vivi?! *gets a clear view* ...B-Babe! *hugs her tightly* Vivi: Wtf are you doing!? get off of me! *pushes him off* Kyle..im sorry...but...-- Kyle: Before you continue please! let me talk... Cartman was trying to be a di** & ruin our relationship, =//=.. i.. wanted to stop him from hurting you, but he did't listen, then called in Bebe to hang w/ me to make u jealous! to make me like her & not you. It never worked but.. but Cartman pushed me & i kissed her i was in shock! *starts crying abit* And... urgh im sorry ok!? im not used to this stuff! usually Stan is but not me! Vivi: *looks down & kicks snow* Wow... really?...im.. im so sorry Kyle i-- Kyle: Its ok.. its real snowy outside & cold, can we talk about this someplace else? Vivi: *nods head & hugs him* Kyle, im sorry im sorry im SORRY for calling you a a-hole! i-im sorry srry SORRRRRY!!... i was being one, not you! Kyle: Ehh.. its ok.. *hugs back* ...*faces her face & Vivi faces back* Vivi: *slides her hand on his cheek* Kyle: *holding her close* .... Vivi: Theres not a damn chance i would break up with you<3.. Kyle... i... love you! even though we are only 9.. but.. still!! >//< Kyle: *wide eyes & blushes* ...V-Vivi... uhm.. i had a regular ''crush'' on you this whole time...but you know.. i.. i guess i love you too Elizabeth! ^^ Vivi: *smiles & closes eyes then kisses him deeply* Kyle: *holding her close & kissing her back deeply closeing eyes* --I LOVE THIS RECOLOR!! :D my fav KyVi recolor!! :)☸☃◪<3◩✖✖✕✕✞❤✡❣❢♚♛✷✸✹➠Ⓓ⓪ Ⓤ ⓛ⒤Ⓚ⒠ ⓀⒾ⒮⒮ⓘⓝ┄,┄■*WHEN lts snowing?。。。♥♡♥ --
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