evee's evolutions

evee's evolutions
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Eevee (イーブイ, Ībui?, Eievui in original Japanese language versions) are one of the 493 fictional species of Pokémon creatures from the anime and manga Pokémon series. It's main purpose in the games, as with all other Pokémon, is to battle both "wild" Pokémon, untamed creatures encountered while the player passes through various environments, and "tamed" Pokémon that are owned by Pokémon trainers. The "Eevee" name is a shortening of the word evolution, which this species specializes in, as it has the ability to evolve into any of seven different species of Pokémon.[1] In the beta versions of the first Pokémon games, this Pokémon bore the name Eon,[2] the ending suffix for all the official English names of Eevee's evolutionary forms known so far. (The two fourth-generation forms known as Leafia and Glacia in Japan have not received official English names yet.) The Japanese name is a portmanteau of the transliterations for the letters "E" and "V", likely referring to evolution. The name Eevee refers to individuals of the species in the games, anime, and manga, and to the species as a whole. The "Advanced Generation" drawing and sprite design of Eevee was created by Ken Sugimori's team for its 2003 release on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.[3]
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