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I'm 18 years old. My Birthday December 3rd...I live in Polo mo. I go to Polo high. It's my senior year.. Hell ya and I'm loving it. Just 18 days left. I graduate May 17th. My friends are the world to me. I love you all. Also I dont know what I would do with out my man. Its a very big struggle for me and him to be togeather. But he worth it all. I have very strong love for him. No one could ever make me stop loving that boy. Ya my best friend dont want me to be with him.. I'm sorry I cant pick someone that you like. I'm not wanting to pick my boyfriend over my best friend. Just because we made some mistakes in the past dosnt mean that I'm going to go back to what I was doing. Many ppl change. Look at your boyfried now. We got into a fight over a year over him and now your back with him. I'm giving him a 2nd chance so I believe my boyfriend should get one to. Yes girls stay the fuck away from him. Our relationship is getting stronger. I'm really happy he tells me the truth. Even though what he tells me sometimes breaks my heart. I believe he really the one guy for me. I know many people tell me I could do better but the way he is no one will understand. Its like god sent him to me. I'm looking in to getting our own place in June. I'm happy I'm finally getting to grow up now. I cant wait till we get our own place.  Umm My life has not been easy. Its been along journey to get to be where I'm at now. Ya well I still got some more of my journey to finsh. I'm hoping I get into college next year.  I'm looking into going to Drury University or Missouri Valley University. I want to be a nurse. I luv helping ppl. I'm getting my CNA right now. The big test is next week. I should have my CNA by the time I graduate. Thank god I'll be bringing in money. My best friend in da whole world is Chrystal. I luv that gurl. I have treated her like shyt but I thought I was a good friend. I guess you never really Realize who your best friend is untill something that you think is going to fuck your life all up. Well I guess there will be some up's and down's. I was really made at her these were the words I wanted her to read "I still love her with all my heart and maybe someday she will wake up and Realize I still do care for her."
I could never ask for a better friend in the world. She is like one of my sister. I'm closer to her then any one. Umm I like to party or I use to. Now all I do is sit around the house. Well I like to hang out with my friend katyln... She the only girl I really can trust up in polo. Well other that julie, ambrielle and kim. Ya I have already messed up  mah life enough. So I'm getting it back togeather. I almost lost one of my Bestest friend over stupid bull shyt. That would be my dad. No one understands mine and his relationship. I luv him dearly and don't ever want to loose him. Right now were not doing so good. Ever since I've moved up her to polo he forgot about me. Now he acts like I'm a piece of shit. I'm not and I'm to the point to where I'm going to punch him in the mouth at my garaduation. I dont even want him to come. Now my mom. Ya we use to not get a long. I always called her and bitch and told myself I hated her. Really she mah world. I wouldn't know what to do wit out her. I have a lil brother named JJ. I would kill someone over him. He like my son. Ever since I was 7 I've took care of that kid. I do have an older sister. But we really don't get along that well. She had my niece Melissa. I love that kid like she my own. Sometimes she deserves a better life then what her mom is giving her. I would take a bullet in the heart for that girl. I never want to miss any part of her life.(Kind of like I am now.) She like the sun shinning in my sky. The best thing in the world is my cat. I luv her dearly. Daisy May Shivers is her name. I use to live in Springfield Missouri. I miss that town and cant wait to go back. I got into alot of trouble and had to move to polo to live with my aunt and uncle. I love them to death and thank them for everything theve done for me but as soon as I graduate I going back to Springfield. You know some towns you never want to leave. I've lived there my whole life and I left everything behind. Thats where all my family is and my TRULY friends are But most of all The LOVE of my life. I miss them more and more everyday and wish I could go back and be with them. My god sister Cathy had her baby yesterday. I havent got to see it and wont till I graduate. I know Katyln Marie Stewart is beautiful. I'm going to that baby's daddy. She weighted 5lb 6oz. I cant wait to see her even though she will be 2 months old when I finally get to hold her in my arms. Well I don't know wat else to say about mah self. If you have any question just ask me and I will tell you.

I wrote a poem about my Boyfriend. This is how I feel deep down So if he ever gets a chance to read this. This is how I felt about you!!! And Always will

          !Never stopped loving you!

               As days goes by 
               I think of you
            seeing you without me
             as the days go by
     Makes my life feeling not complete
              Hanging on to you
            Throughout the months
        missing you more every minute
            And all of my fears
        Drifting away as time passes by
            Is the love so true
            To hang on to you
           I hope to see a day
        Where its me and you again
      the sun-shiny threw the blue skies
   but I know deep down this day will come again
      only that day will put a smile on my face
        loving you sometimes brings pain
         Not being able to see your face
           But there going to be the time
  That I can you show you all the love I have for you


A round house was created in the 1800's. There was a family that lived in the house there whole life. Every child would go to that house after school to get some cookies from the woman. There was a mother, father, and a child who lived there. One night someone came in and they chained all three up to there beds. The town cop had went to there house the next week to see why the child wasnt going to school. No one answered. The cop kicked in the door and found all three of the bodies, each one tied up in chains. Still today there has not been a family living there very long. People say  that the hear  screaming for help all night long. Also they see a woman with a plate full of cookies waiting on her front porch when school gets out.


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Otan62 dice:

hace 4136 días
Merry Christmas to you & your family...


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ok you need to be nice my dad is a cop!! so be nice!! by the way u should not curse at a nine year old girl which is me so nice!!

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Hello, Debora will  be out for a few days so she wanted  me to let you all know that the competition will be ending on Wednesday, June 3rd and the winner will be picked on Friday, June 5th.  
Oh, and whoever the winner is, they will be able to pick the next challenge. You still have time to enter yours.

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What do you know?? I'm finally getting the 1st challenge & topic underway...LoL
Here are the links to both =^_^=


And here's the link to the 1st group forum topic:


Hope you have a blessed & wonderful day and Good Luck :-)


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Copy And Paste..

Lil-David dice:

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Here's Eskabro =0(

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damn are you serious?? thats fuked up!! imma call you..

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Hi Tiff IT will BE Good To See You See You Soon   Charlie

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