Still Waiting For Him To Catch Me.<33

heyy;; i'm Natacia but my friends usually just call me Tacia. So, imma brunette with blue and green eyes. i've dealt with stuff in the past that hurt then and stings now but overall has made me a stronger person. i used to wish the past would change, then i grew up and realized u can't change wat has happened so accept it and get over it. not only tht, but wat happened changed me for the better in so many ways, no matter how much i was hurtin on the inside. even tho i've cried so much, the tears continue to fall, but i still manage to smile which is y my friends are so important to me. everyday, they give me anotha reason to smile. i'm usually really crazy, hyper, energetic, awesome, fun, random, and friendly. mess with me, imma get even. mess with my friends, imma do more than get revenge. :] 


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remember all the good things;RIP
remember all the good things;RIP
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LoveBadQueena... dice:

hace 3693 días
Ur welcome!

LoveBadQueena... dice:

hace 3693 días
Thanks for that your blingees are great too!

LoveBadQueena... dice:

hace 3693 días
Thanks for the comment!

swtpea95 dice:

hace 4029 días
thanks 4 d comment!
have a happy easter C=

alma11e dice:

hace 4033 días
Hello! the stamps do I! I look like an image on the internet, .. after the work in a program called photoshop 

emolifebegins dice:

hace 4034 días
lol, im from birmighan england

emolifebegins dice:

hace 4035 días
yhyh im fine fankx so where you from/ :)

Lucy-oo1 dice:

hace 4036 días
danke für deinen kommie noch einen schönen abend

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