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It is apparent that I'm in love with Yahweh, Jesus Christ, no other! 

If you're not aware that Jesus can actually speak to you, you need to know! Ask the Lord a question, Father God will answer through the scriptures, through a sermon, a song, or the TV.

I dare you to ask God a question (in Jesus' Name), and ask God to send three persons to you with the same answer. 

I asked Father God to tell me what career He wants me to study. God told me through dreams and rhemas that I'm going to be a writer of books! Also, I need to major in English and study Communication. My two worst subjects! That's where the Holy Spirit comes in through prayer and by reading the Bible, God will use me to do His will. Praise the Lord!

Jesus knows what you are capable of! Be blessed in Jesus' Name!

    ☮Peace & 
   ♡S.R. Sagun♡


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Starbright2 dice:

hace 178 días
Thanks for the friend request and gift. Very kind of you. I love Jesus too and I primarily make blingees to witness The Name Above All Names,Jesus Christ is Lord. God bless you. 

coobieloobe dice:

hace 1055 días
I've been fine, thanks! :) I'm sorry for the late reply, I've been off this website for a bit, too. ^^''

joyful226 dice:

hace 1349 días
http://bln.gs/b/28seyu  For you my sweet friend Happy Valentine's Day.. Connie

joyful226 dice:

hace 1404 días

http://bln.gs/b/28pzzk  For you my dear friend. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Years.


joyful226 dice:

hace 1573 días
Thank you so much for your wonderful gift and your friendship and wonderful comments. Hugs and blessings dear friend. Connie

joyful226 dice:

hace 1580 días
http://bln.gs/b/28ip4y  for you dear friend.

coobieloobe dice:

hace 1635 días
Thank you for your comments Strgun!  。◕‿◕。

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