My name is Stephanie. I love helping people out and singing! I also have a love for deer and animals. I hate it when people hunt these innocent creatures down and use them as trophies! So please don't hunt deer. It's an evil act for people who hunt them for profits. I want this world to become a beautiful place to live!

Name: Stephanie

Birthdate: August 28th, 1992

Age: 26

Born: St. Petersburg Florida Bayfront hospital


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passionpussycat dice:

hace 25 días
Happy Birthday Bestie :)

Enjoy  :) (...Sorry its a day or two late)

bilokasato dice:

hace 33 días
Hi, my sweet friend, I was working and finishing university.the time is still short, but I'm slowly coming back.kisses my dear dice:

hace 46 días
it so is! and thank you so much also for two years of friendship!! <3 :)

passionpussycat dice:

hace 48 días
So are going to do anything special for your birthday this year? TYSVM Bestie for your TOTALLY AWESOME FRIENDSHIP & for Most Of ALL Just *BEING YOU* :) :)

Have A WONDERFUL Tuesday :)

Your *BESTIE* Forever,
Tawny....XOXO....Huggles :)

passionpussycat dice:

hace 48 días
Hi Bestie....How are you doing? I didn`t know if they deleted it or if you did...Quiet frankly I thought it was hilarious myself :) (LOL) So did you enjoy your vacation in Florida? I need to get to the beach but the closest two we have here is Chicago (Lake Michigan)where Navy Pier is & The Illinois River other than that I would have to actually travel to like Florida,California,Seattle Washington,All of those that are on the coasts :) So hows work going?   Cont..........

ice_claw_14 dice:

hace 92 días
Have you ever seen Stranger Things on Netflix? It is a scry like show for kids. Its got a neat story. I am getting ready to make a Blingee for it. Ya I love my little pony. My brother niki is a brony. we watch the brony videos on youtube together.

ice_claw_14 dice:

hace 92 días Thank you for the compliment. All I watch is Disney shows. With Exception for Once Upon A Time. I also love to read, my favorite book Series is the Warrior Cats.

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