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Happy Easter

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~~The Challenge Group~~ is active again!

OPEN~~Cute Mice with Flowers Challenge, By BBB338

Here is the link to put your finished Blingee:

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Gostaria de enlaçar a todos em um abraço,
Dizer o quanto são essenciais em minha vida
Obrigada por fazer parte em meu circulo de amizade pelo voto e pelos comentários.
Beijos no seu doce coração! Teeh

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Johanna, Good to see you on!!!! I,m having trouble with my provider!!I am so depressed!! They put a temporary fix on their service (which could go out at any time), Because the wiring affects all providers. Xfinity said they would try to get their company to put in new wiring BUT I'm not holding my breath!!!! I wanted to do an Easter chocolate challenge old or new BUT can't take the chance & I already have the blingees done!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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hace 32 días

Last Hurrah of winter!! I hope you will join!!!!

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