Let's LIft Each Other NOT Tear each other part

   Hi Blingee friends! Please don't copy, DOWN VOTE, I seen alot of things like that on here that's really sad so please don't be one of those people. I will delete friends nothing personal. 
                DON'T COPY OTHER PEOPLE'S WORK!!!
 I think we should encourage others and their own creativity. We can all think of things to blingee just don't copy. 
      My name is Nicole and I am from the US! I have 3 kids. I do stay busy but I try to bling as much as I can! I may not be online a whole lot but I try to. Be patient if I don't respond right away. I like getting to know friends on here and make awesome blingees. 

                God bless and let's have fun!!! 


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wilfried1947 dice:

hace 22 días
Hello Nicole, thank you for your answer! I've never been to America, my son is going there now. Pier 39 is interesting the sea lions and Golden Gate Bridge is of course well known, Alcatraz is the prison where
Al Capone sat. I've been to Disneyland in Paris with my son. Queen Mary is a ship that apparently anchors there and now serves as a hotel. Best regards and I wish you a nice day. Wilfried


wilfried1947 dice:

hace 24 días
Dear Nicole, my son is flying to California in September 2022 and will be visiting the cities of San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles for 4 weeks. He will also visit the natural parks. You live in that area. Can you recommend must-see attractions? I am always happy about your beautiful Blingees and wish you a nice day. Lovely Greetings Wilfried


gamecube51 dice:

hace 43 días
Thank you for all of your kind comments and votes.

Klaudia_1998_ dice:

hace 44 días
Ohh I envy you! Here was so much hot! We were so sweat with friend because on this village nobody has any pool but since 2h I'm at home finally :))

wilfried1947 dice:

hace 45 días
We only have a few hot days in summer, so it's not worth having a swimming pool here.

Klaudia_1998_ dice:

hace 47 días
Thank you so much ;*
You're so good and nice person :3
Thanks for all ^^
I hope that there is not so hot 

Bankotsu--Marina dice:

hace 53 días
Thanks for all your votes and comments ^-^

Klaudia_1998_ dice:

hace 58 días
Thank you too for comments and votes ^^
Give me a bit rain xD Here is so dry.. and rain is then when I don't want, usually it avoid my town because of lake probably....
Btw, my name is Klaudia (I think it's easy to guess :P)

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