I do requests~ =]

I think I've changed a little. So I decided to update my profile...
Name: it's secret. Hehehehhe...
Nickname: Noodle, Jannet (not my real name), fucktard, and Flippy.
Gender: Female
From: California, USA, North America
Hobbies: Drawing, Photography, Video Games, swimming, traveling, beaches, music
Favorite Games:

Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead 2
Team Fortress 2
Killing Floor

Favorite shows:
The Simpsons
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Happy Tree Friends

Favorite Music:
Gorillaz (<3)
Lady Gaga (shaddap)

Favorite Songs:
Empire Ants (gorillaz)
Meds and Feds (m.i.a.)
xxxo (m.i.a.)

online meanies
Justin Bieber

I have a steam! http://steamcommunity.com/id/Newdle

EDIT: 2014 Holy smokes.
So, I haven't been on this thing since 2010 or so, its been a long time. I think all of my circle has totally abandoned their blingee accounts (trust me I have lol) so if you're still on here hit me up. Feel free to talk to me again.


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Lady Gaga
Don't Get Lost in Heaven
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jazzyjas12345 dice:

hace 1391 days

jazzyjas12345 dice:

hace 3151 days
Lol wow yah the same thing happened wen I broke 
My x 9 months ago best decision of my life don't worry yuh find better gal n I like the song now ever since I watched the video she looked so happy now I'm glad xd

jazzyjas12345 dice:

hace 3171 days
Look at my profile I posted the comment there by mistake lmbbo!

jazzyjas12345 dice:

hace 3174 days
Hey gal been a long time yuh been busy huh?how u been?u have aim?

bluejayshay dice:

hace 3245 days
because u really talk 2 me

bluejayshay dice:

hace 3251 days
i think u r the nices person on here

bluejayshay dice:

hace 3262 days
hey yeah i have been enjoying my summer before its over

bluejayshay dice:

hace 3284 days
hey i havent talked to u in a long time how have u been

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