pray for México...

bente schlick moreno_gabriela
rongrong wang moreno_gabriela
luis royo moreno_gabriela
jasmine becket griffith moreno_gabriela
yuriko shirou moreno_gabriela
anne marine moreno_gabriela
benita wickler moreno_gabriela
anna ignatieva moreno_gabriela
karol bak moreno_gabriela
brenda burke moreno_gabriela
valeriy kot moreno_gabriela
david puertas moreno_gabriela
marta adan moreno_gabriela
dryad moreno_gabriela
gypsy moreno_gabriela
david garcia chicano moreno_gabriela
cemetery moreno_gabriela
future moreno_gabriela
lostfish moreno_gabriela
steve argyle moreno_gabriela
schin loong moreno_gabriela
bobbie jean pentecost moreno_gabriela
fantasy horse moreno_gabriela
sunflowers moreno_gabriela
halloween moreno_gabriela
witch moreno_gabriela
geisha moreno_gabriela
jody bergsma moreno_gabriela
Ironshod anne stockes moreno_gabriela
femme moreno_gabriela
goth moreno_gabriela
skull moreno_gabriela
dragon moreno_gabriela
asian moreno_gabriela
egypt moreno_gabriela
raykovich moreno_gabriela
surreal moreno_gabriela
frame moreno_gabriela
forest moreno_gabriela
feline moreno_gabriela
jungle moreno_gabriela
pin up moreno_gabriela
vintage moreno_gabriela
man moreno_gabriela
vampire moreno_gabriela
sybile moreno_gabriela
peacock moreno_gabriela
love moreno_gabriela
couple moreno_gabriela
wolf moreno_gabriela
native moreno_gabriela
landscape moreno_gabriela
autumn moreno_gabriela
fairy moreno_gabriela
elf moreno_gabriela
bat moreno_gabriela
crow moreno_gabriela
castle moreno_gabriela
colorful moreno_gabriela
mermaid moreno_gabriela
medusa moreno_gabriela
angel moreno_gabriela
butterfly moreno_gabriela
bird moreno_gabriela
leaves moreno_gabriela
unicorn moreno_gabriela
pegasus moreno_gabriela
cat moreno_gabriela
flowers moreno_gabriela
rose moreno_gabriela
frame moreno_gabriela
background moreno_gabriela
and others...


  • Veces que ha aparecido en primer plano: 14
  • Placas: 943
  • Blingees de oro: 8,451
  • Blingees de plata: 8,753
  • Contribuciones de sellos: 130,199
  • Tarjetas: 49

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VOTING TIME 19 to 22/10/17 
This's time to vote for our weekly challenges!!
Thank you for your participation and pls vote for all cathegories, regardless of whether you've participated in them
Enjoy the awesome art works & good luck for you!
❀❀ Please vote even if you didn't participate this week ❀❀

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hace 5 días
Greetings :)
Here is the link for the new K.O.D group theme

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hace 5 días

New Artist Challenge in Kingdom of Darkness Group :

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