~single white rose in a ravaged field~

hello,*GLOMP*,there are so many things to tell i cant type them all,but im a kewl person and i can be really silly and random at times,well actually most of the time =^_^=,also i am an addict to anime,manga,monster,and cupcakes,just the thought of them make me crazy lol,well thats all i have to say ask me about any other things when we chat,^_^
oh btw my name is josy and PLSSSSSS!!!! join my group *puppy eyes* i need members badly,the name of them are     ~of dark,of light~
        keyblade protecters
         ~Into The Labyrinth~
[u  u]

$$$$$$$$$$$$__________________________$$$_____________ $___$$$$___$___________$$$$$___$$$$___$$$_____________ ____$$$$______$$$$$_____$$$___$$$____________$$$$$____ ____$$$$_____$$$_$$$____$$$__$$$______$$$___$$$_$$$___ ____$$$$____$$$___$$$___$$$$$$$_______$$$__$$$___$$$__ ____$$$$_____$$$_$$$____$$$__$$$______$$$___$$$_$$$___ ____$$$$______$$$$$_____$$$___$$$_____$$$____$$$$$____ ___$$$$$$_______________$$$____$$$_____$$_____________ _________________________$$_____$$______$_____________ __________________________$______$____________________ ______________________________________________________ ____________________$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$__________________ ________________$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$______________ ______________$$$$$__________________$$$$$____________ ____________$$$$$___$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$___$$$$$__________ ___________$$$$_____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_____$$$$_________ __________$$$$___________$$$$$$___________$$$$________ __________$$$$________$$$$$$$$$$$$________$$$$________ __________$$$$___________$$$$$$___________$$$$________ ___________$$$$_____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_____$$$$_________ ____________$$$$$___$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$___$$$$$__________ ______________$$$$$______$$$$$$______$$$$$____________ ________________$$$$_____$$$$$$_____$$$$______________ ___________________$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_________________
$$$$$___$$$$$_________________________________________ _$$$_____$$$_____________$$$$$$$$$_____________$$$____ _$$$_____$$$____$$$$$____$__$$$__$____$$$$$____$$$____ _$$$$$$$$$$$___$$$_$$$______$$$______$$___$$___$$$____ _$$$$$$$$$$$__$$$___$$$_____$$$______$$$$$$$___$$$____ _$$$_____$$$___$$$_$$$______$$$______$$________$$$____ _$$$_____$$$____$$$$$_______$$$_______$$$$$____$$$____ $$$$$___$$$$$_______________$$$________________$$$____ _____________________________$$_________________$$____ ______________________________$__________________$____

[*-*]<<<<----muzik = <3


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by my heart alone
under a starlit night
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kimanareign dice:

hace 2881 días
thank you yours are very pretty as well

Mytmytha dice:

hace 2881 días
Thanks for confirm, I like your Blingee ^_^

Mind-x-princess dice:

hace 2899 días
ah cool

Mind-x-princess dice:

hace 2899 días
do u live in the us?
sorry but i ask this to every one cuz' im kinda curious

DayDreamingFa... dice:

hace 3334 días
Hello Josy,

Wow, thank you! That's an honour. I'd love to be a moderator in your group. And you're very welcome. I like this group very much, so there's no problem with adding blingees :)


kingdomkiokio dice:

hace 3530 días
to enter the contest u just put ure blingee on the group profile, i look at them and i leave u a commet on ure profile if u win. Thank u for joining the kingdom Hearts keyblades!

joejoe11 dice:

hace 3949 días
hey whats up you saw hellboy2 well i saw it, it was such a crzy movie!!

hotstrike9 dice:

hace 3986 días
me oh im fine just a lil bored lol

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