Glitter Girl

My name is Sandy and I love anything that sparkles. 

I spend hours making my pictures. Each one is special in its own way. I usually create on sun/mon/tues and that's when I comment on all my friends' awesome work.

To all my friends I vote for, I started a new job this week working overnights so I haven't been on creating or voting much. Please bear with me till I get settled into a routine and can get back to what I love. xoxo

I appreciate all the positive comments on my creations.

I don't appreciate downvoting. I work very hard and I think its mean spirited and shows jealousy.

I have never voted less than 5***** . 

Love all the positive comments. If I don't thank you every time, just know I appreciate them greatly! 

I pride myself on my uniqueness just as im sure everyone does. Ive noticed someone makes blingees using the same stamps I use almost everytime I complete one. While they are public stamps I feel as if this takes away from my creativeness. I search the thousands of stamps on here for the perfect ones and am disheartened every day when I see the same person re-use them. Im sure its not mean-spirited , they just like the stamps, but maybe they could try searching their own stamps and bring out their own creative side. 


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  • Placas: 436
  • Blingees de oro: 512
  • Blingees de plata: 708
  • Contribuciones de sellos: 354
  • Tarjetas: 0

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Бинги dice:

hace 427 días
The reorganization of the group of "Shrek".
Please, what do you think about this?

RedHeadsRule dice:

hace 519 días
I made this special for all of my Blingee friends. It's not much, but it's from the heart. My friends are everything to me. Thank you so much for being one of them!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Бинги dice:

hace 545 días
Join a new group, if you like surreal direction.

Бинги dice:

hace 552 días
Invite to your new group. If you like this theme.

pocketrocketrach dice:

hace 564 días

xxxxxFINNALLY... dice:

hace 711 días
Here is a blingee for all of my friends!
I hope you like it,and before you get confused by the title... Please read the description! ;)

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