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  • The Doll House

    The Doll House

    30 Members

    This group is for people who love to make dollz and use them in their Blingees. All do...

  • The Art Club

    The Art Club

    2509 Members

    Aim is to help others to find their creative flair - so please take some time and read ...

  • ♥The Pixie Dust Blingsters♥

    ♥The Pixie Dust...

    119 Members

    mousey - Winner of This week's ABC Challenge

  • hearts and flowers

    hearts and flowers

    82 Members

    this group is for Blingees made of hearts, flowers or both.

  • Lips


    28 Members

    This a group for Blingees showing lips.



    209 Members

    This group is made with the intention of finding these children & reuniting them with t...

  • The Blingee Patrol (BP)

    The Blingee Pat...

    64 Members

    Help in how to properly report Blingee theft & Blingee theft Warnings. A Confirmed Blin...

  • Stamps Stamps and Stamps

    Stamps Stamps a...

    139 Members

    If your Looking for Someone to make you a Custom Background or Name Stamp you have come...



    131 Members




    179 Members

    A great place to share your Vintage creations.

  • Vintage & Old Hollywood Circle

    Vintage & O...

    247 Members

    WELCOME TO VINTAGE & OLD HOLLYWOOD! This is a page dedicated to Old Hollywood Divas ...

  • Flower ✿ Lovers

    Flower ✿ Lovers

    1948 Members

    FOR ANYONE who likes flowers and loves to make blingees with FLOWERS ♥ ♫ ✿ ♥ ♫ ✿

  • Blingee


    13828 Members

    The Official Blingee Group. A place for all Blingee users to hang out.

  • Ich liebe  Fantasy ! I love Fantasy !

    Ich liebe Fant...

    276 Members

    Hier dürfen alle rein , die Drachen, Elfen, Feen, Einhörner, Dämonen, Hexen und der gle...

  • Snowglobes &  Globes

    Snowglobes &...

    95 Members

    Founded by Joycieoh on 11/9/11 Snowglobes or Globes of any kind will be accepted, ...

  • Fun And Entertaining!

    Fun And Enterta...

    218 Members

    Add bligees about Anime,Celebrities,Manga,Movies,Music,TV Shows and anything eles you t...

  • Club Betty Boop!

    Club Betty Boop!

    60 Members

    Love Betty Boop? We have weekly challenges! Join Club Betty Boop ! ATTENTION! ...

  • Eureka!


    147 Members

    Here you will have the opportunity to propose a challenge to the end of the month and w...

  • The Doll Chest Treasures Club/ Dolls & Teddy Bears

    The Doll Chest ...

    33 Members

    The Doll Chest and Teddy Bears Group. If you love dolls and their wardrobes, vintage, c...

  • *Retro Rockabillys & Pinup Girls

    *Retro Rockabil...

    20 Members

    Have an obsession with Pinup girls and Rockabilly Style? Then add your Sexy Girl Creat...

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