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  • Music is my life!

    Music is my life!

    8630 Members

    If you loooooooooooooove ♥ music ♪ join the group!!

  • Chris Brown Luvvers

    Chris Brown Luv...

    5207 Members

    Chris Brown and everything about Chris Brown

  • Rihanna Fan Club♥♫

    Rihanna Fan Club♥♫

    472 Members

    The Official Rihanna Fan Club.For all fans of Rihanna.(No Haters please)

  • jesse mccartney fans 4E

    jesse mccartney...

    79 Members

    IsCrIvEtEvI!! 1 gruppo x ki ama jesse,ma anke x qll ke vogliono esprimere la loro idea,...

  • OMG i luv bunnies

    OMG i luv bunnies

    12 Members

    I luv bunnies so much i hav 2 and they are getting married. they are just so cute and s...

  • The Celebrity Group

    The Celebrity G...

    71 Members

    the group is back join! ♥♥ winning of the previous female challenge♥

  • aaliyah lovers

    aaliyah lovers

    76 Members

    if you love aaliyah this is the group for u so go head and join i'll add u

  • "The Safe Haven"

    "The Safe ...

    14 Members

    This group is a place anyone can join to discuss their problems and get support from ot...

  • The Art Club

    The Art Club

    2511 Members

    Aim is to help others to find their creative flair - so please take some time and read ...

  • Cats and dogs fan

    Cats and dogs fan

    84 Members

    I love the dogs and cats...♥♥♥

  • NLT Fans!!!

    NLT Fans!!!

    28 Members

    For all NLT Fans!!!

  • ChRiiS bReeSy ClUb

    ChRiiS bReeSy ClUb

    97 Members

    ♥♥FaN Of cHrIs bRoWn♥♥ Sii Tu EsT fAn De ChRiiS bRoWn N'EsItE pAs A jOiNdRe Ce GrOuPe !...

  • dolphinsrock!!


    20 Members

    i love dolphins, if you do to then join!

  • ♫ ღяihaииaღ fan ¢lub ♫

    ♫ ღяihaииaღ fan...

    99 Members

    Cercasi ragazzi e ragazze ke amino la ♫musica♫, cantare ma soprattutto ღяihaииaღ

  • Flower ✿ Lovers

    Flower ✿ Lovers

    1946 Members

    FOR ANYONE who likes flowers and loves to make blingees with FLOWERS ♥ ♫ ✿ ♥ ♫ ✿

  • white-dreams


    107 Members

    you have white blingees?than join 'white dreams' group;)doesn't matter with what are th...

  • Cristiano Ronaldo [[[sexii]]]

    Cristiano Ronal...

    87 Members

    Anybody that loves Cristiano Ronaldo is welcome. Who wouldn't love a man like Cristiano...

  • America's Next Top Blingee Maker [Competitions]

    America's Next ...

    128 Members

    Welcome to Blingee's FIRST long term Competition. Every week, there will be a new chall...

  • Blingee's Next Top Model! (Original)

    Blingee's Next ...

    50 Members

    Wanna Be on Top? Then join this group based on the SHOW!! You enter a competition each ...

  • Jesse McCartney

    Jesse McCartney

    119 Members

    For all Jesse McCartney fans that love him

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