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´¶¶¶¶¶  Avril  Lavigne ¶¶¶ø´´´¶


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  • Veces que ha aparecido en primer plano: 80
  • Placas: 1,116
  • Blingees de oro: 2,228
  • Blingees de plata: 3,617
  • Contribuciones de sellos: 7,742,342
  • Tarjetas: 329,684

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P1949 dice:

hace 3 días
Merci pour l'ajout bonne semaine amitiés

yourlovestory... dice:

hace 13 días
hi i haven't been on here for years. how is everyone making blingees without adobe flash? i can't make blingees. is there an email where i can write to blingee? is blingee shutting down? thanks!

lealive dice:

hace 63 días

lealive dice:

hace 66 días
Hi :)
thank you so very much for taking the time to respond to my questions I appreciate it 
I hope everything turns out well for you
And as for valentines day ,we had the rare joy of experiencing snow last night and today So my family and I really had fun this weekend .:)
I hope you and your family did too
Well I am afraid every time I come here that it will all be gone lol so let me thank you again for all of your help here on Blingee :)
Hugs always 

lealive dice:

hace 81 días
Greetings :)
I was wondering if you could please find out when Blingee is closing?  I am afraid of coming here and it will all be gone  lol Also can you please ask the team if they can make it possible to download our stamps?
Thank you and I wish you a peaceful and happy Sunday
Alia :)

rainbowgyrl dice:

hace 86 días
DO YOU THINK BLINGEE WOULD STAY IF WE PAID A MONTHLY FEE? I think most of us would be willing! I know they were trying to find a cost efficient way, so maybe that would help?

lealive dice:

hace 88 días
Hi :)
Do you have any updates yet about Blingee?

I wish you and your family a safe and happy new week 


Teodoruka dice:

hace 99 días
Yesterday, on the 12th, Flash has stopped working and now nobody can create anymore anything.
You said long ago that the Blingee team is working at the issue. It's 13th and we still got no news.
Do you know anything new? Can you update us on when they will implement the new version?
Everyone is extremely worried and disappointed.
Thank you!

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